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These high tech shares are locked and loaded. It’s 5G infrastruture partner Smartroad Turtle 49% owned by PMPG has all the right stuff with 21 US patents producing devices that appear as road signs and road markers with electronic communicating and video cameras embedded. A new generation of highway safety and infrastructure is at hand and coming soon ,welcome to the future.

A large short position in these shares has developed through the exercise of notes in a predecessor company that was spun off, not the public entity , leaving conservatively 30 million shares short .There remains the potential for a significant upside push through short covering by wrong way sellers

We expect a retest of the $0.20 cent 52 week high which is a double from current levels. Serious speculators should place these shares on their BUY LIST watching for the impending  BREAKOUT

Premier Products Group, Inc. Retains Exploratory Counsel

ACCESSWIRE / February 24, 2021 / Premier Products Group, Inc. (PMPG), (OTC PINK:PMPG) announced today they have obtained Exploratory Counsel into the matter of Note Holders of PMPG’s subsidiary Valley High Mining Company (VHMC), received PMPG free trading common shares on note conversions. PMPG’s attorney issued a letter to the Transfer Agent to stop issuing PMPG shares to Valley High Mining’s Note Holders.On February 16th, 2021 PMPG recently settled a dispute on a debt on another matter and 50,000,000 shares were returned to PMPG common share stock.

.“Our attorneys are looking into the matter of shares being issued to VHMC Note Holders that were not entitled to PMPG stock. It is my belief and opinion those shares affected PMPG stock over the last 45 to 60 days and PMPG will be demanding those shares back when we complete our findings. Under the Holding Company Reorganization Section 251(g) of Delaware General Corporation Law, VHMC is a private company of PMPG and was reorganized as such back in 2018,” states Tony Hicks, Chairman and CEO of PMPG.On February 22, 2018, Premier Products Group, Inc. and Valley High Mining Company completed a corporate reorganization pursuant to which Valley High Mining Company, became a direct, wholly-owned subsidiary of a newly formed Delaware corporation, and Premier Products Group, Inc. (the “Holding Company”), which became the successor issuer. In other words, the Holding Company became the public entity.

Premier Products Group, Inc. Announces Decision to Sell Valley High Mining Company

WOODLAND HILLS, CA / ACCESSWIRE / March 10, 2021 / Premier Products Group, Inc. (PMPG), (OTC PINK:PMPG) announced today they signed a Letter of Intent to sell Valley High Mining Company (VHMC) to Regal Holdings International, LTD (RHIL). The sale will be a share exchange for VHMC, a Delaware-based company.

On February 22, 2018, PMPG and VHMC completed a corporate reorganization pursuant to which VHMC became a direct, wholly-owned subsidiary of a newly formed Delaware Corporation and Premier Products Group, Inc. (the “Holding Company”), became the successor issuer. VHMC was originally organized under the laws of the State of Utah on November 14, 1979, as Valley High Oil, Gas & Minerals, Inc.

“Upon closing of the sale, current PMPG Shareholders will have the same equity interest in VHMC. For example, if a PMPG Shareholder currently holds 100 shares of PMPG common stock, upon closing of the sale of VHMC, the PMPG Shareholder will now have 100 shares of common stock of VHMC. In my opinion, I see this as a bonus for our loyal PMPG Shareholders, ” states Chairman and CEO Tony Hicks.

PMPG anticipates the completion of the sale of VHMC on March 31, 2021, or sooner, pending due diligence by both parties.

About RHIL: RHIL is an asset-based wealth management company that provides companies with credit facilities to complete real estate and technology projects since 2012.

About PMPG: Premier Products Group Inc (PMPG) engages in acquiring technology companies, developing SmartRoad and Smart City infrastructures.

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