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Nilam Resources, Inc (OTC PINK: NILA) recently stated their intentions to use an aggressive agenda to enter the health and psychiatric industry, aiming to become the market leader in the production and fulfillment of the psilocybins.

Nila Hub itself is in the business of developing, investing and managing early-stage companies. Currently, the company is expanding into a new direction by providing online directly shipped “Farm to Consumer” Functional Medicinal Mushrooms and CBD Oils.

Nilam Resources’ current goal is to emerge as a leader in this market through its current and future online store. They’re aiming to maximize efficiencies through technology and vertical integration. This is made possible through many reasons such as these:

  • The legalization of cannabis within many states 
  • The increased awareness of various health benefits from CBD and functional mushrooms 
  • Increased support and pending legislation on the State and Federal levels to legalize the use of Psilocybin in various treatments 

While considering the Psychedelic Drugs Market size is projected to reach USD 10.75 Billion by 2027, from USD 4.75 Billion in 2020 growing at a CAGR of 12.36% during 2021-2027. [According to] It gives us a good perspective of how fruitful this market could potentially be.

“Kim Halvorson, The C.E.O. of Nilam stated, I have resigned from $GRPX to devote more time and energy on Nilam and our Brands on,, $NILA. This is the right time to capitalize on PSILOCYBIN research and continue to build a strong sales and distribution network which is pivotal to our overall growth. The emerging worldwide support of research and development of new therapies and health benefits of functional mushrooms is paramount to our future growth strategy,” further commented, Kim Halvorson.

Through the given numbers and the specific acquisitions, Nilam Resources have gathered to synergize the companies together, it could be safe to assume that if the company keeps going on this road it’ll hold great potential for the upcoming months/years, and perhaps even reach their goal to be on the top of the psilocybins market. Alongside with their recent tweet about crypto: We learned about #memecoins . There are probably #memestocks too that are similar and don’t do anything $nila is proud to state that we do things. We are a good company . We like to incorporate $shib #shibarmy somehow with $NILA” . They surely are a company to check out. 

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