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A month ago, Splash Beverage Group, Inc. (OTC: SBEV) experienced an impressive period that was characterized by a strong increase over a longer period, which led to a possible upgrade to the NASDAQ Exchange. Splash is a specialist company in the production, distribution, sales and marketing of a variety of beverages through multiple channels. The reason the business was doing great is because Splash went ‘public’ in mid-August thanks to a reverse merger.

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From the moment Splash became a listed company, the company has been characterized by various expansions and developments. An expansion of the distribution was realized for the product named SALT, a naturally flavored Tequila with 100% agave. Several Walmart locations in the United States were found to be selected for the expansion. When an agreement was reached with Young’s Market Company shortly thereafter, more of these Walmart locations were added in states such as Arizona and Southern California. This was shortly after Splash announced the availability of the same type of locations in Florida and New Mexico. This strategic expansion benefited the company and its potential grew by the month.

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As things were going well around the expansion, Splash wanted to press ahead with a new agreement, this time with Discount Drug Mart to distribute the company’s TapouT Beverages to all locations in the Midwestern United States. TapouT Beverages is a complete line of high quality sports drinks formulated for maximum absorption to improve cellular health and function.

In September, the focus returned to SALT after Major Brands agreed to distribute the naturally flavored tequila to all Fresh Thyme Market ™ locations in Missouri. Major Brands is known as a leading distributor of premium spirits, wine, beer and non-alcoholic beverages. It is still the largest operating and owned distributor in Missouri.

What is thrilling about the possible upgrade to the NASDAQ Exchange, is that the company believes this should be considered to be more than just a rumor. Thanks to the rapid expansion of products and locations it has now become one of their main goals, and therefore the S1 has already been filed with the SEC. Splash believes they have everything needed to qualify for the NASDAQ Exchange. Plans were added to assign an underwriter and complete the up-listing process within 90/120 days.

That Splash doesn’t just stick to promises has been revealed today after a new announcement. None other than Peter McDonough has been appointed today to the Board of Directors, an experienced and renowned brand builder and business performance accelerator. He has previously proven with his successful marketing campaigns and organizational capabilities, that his expertise can accelerate market shares and sales. He is currently Chief Executive Officer of Trait Biosciences and previously served as Senior Executive Roles at Diageo, Procter & Gamble, Gillette, Duracell and Black & Decker.

Under McDonough’s leadership – as President, Chief Marketing & Innovation Officer – Diageo saw the number of new product launches in North America increase from less than 10 in 2007 to more than 50 in 2015, resulting in more than $800 million in cumulative sales . The transformation has earned Diageo an industry-wide award as “best in class”. Besides, the success also positioned Diageo to consistently lead the industry’s annual IRI / Nielsen List of top selling new products.

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By Omar