Following the recent resignation of former CEO Ikuo Konno, AAP, Inc. (OTC PINK: $AAPJ) makes a promising move this month by announcing an agreement to take over the overdue debt of a supplier. The total amount involved is $18.8 million with costs being 2.67% of the total purchase, it is estimated that an average of 10% of the total amount can be recovered making this a very lucrative transaction for AAP.

The second acquisition looks very promising

With this acquisition, AAP can take advantage of a variety of revenue streams, which should generate an increase in the value of the company. The new CEO, Paul Bakajin, is enthusiastic about the recent developments and promises to reward shareholders with more information soon. It is now said that the next acquisition is only a matter of time. A new press release from AAP itself is expected next week. The negotiations seem to be going well with two positive parties at the table.

That the various expected announcements have not gone unnoticed is evident from the increasing interest in the share on social media. The company is therefore regularly heard on Twitter. On February 8, 2021, the company will visit the site of the potential acquisition company. In addition, photos of the location will be shared, in order to share more information with its shareholders. Earlier this month AAP spoke on Twitter about two acquisitions, one of which has now been realized. Because the company keeps its word, it has gained more confidence from its shareholders.

A change of course at AAP in 2021

On January 12, 2021, the change in management was announced, finalizing the resignation of former CEO Ikuo Konno. After nine months, the desired continuation was achieved and AAP was able to present their new CEO. The company’s domicile successfully moved from Delaware to Wyoming. Shortly after it underwent a real upgrade that – thanks to various reports and financial statements – offered more transparency, resulting in the current status in the OTC market. It is up to Bakajin and its experienced team to make AAP a leading company in the credit sector.

So far, Bakajin has acquired $1.7 million in delinquent debt and is busy setting out a great strategy. It seems important to continue to add significant amounts of overdue debts to the portfolio of holdings. AAP’s experienced team will continue to focus in 2021 on obtaining overdue debt at a very generous discount, which should deliver significant profit margins for the company.

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