AMSTERDAM, Dec. 31, 2021 /PENNYSTOCKS.NEWS/ – Active Health Foods Inc. (AHFD) – CoinChamp is a platform for predictions on current events and markets. Ranging from predicting the Crypto Market, Weather, Stock Market, Live Sporting events and endless other outcomes. These predictions are made in two ways, Live Rounds and Picks Contests.

CoinChamp is currently developing its plug and play NFT platform. According to Glen Bonilla the President and CEO of CoinChamp they “are committed to bringing NFTs to the masses. By creating an app that truly simplifies the process, we believe we can tap into a huge market and deliver something MEV will deliver the full pricing for this implementation to CoinChamp.

How the CoinChamp app works:

1. Live Rounds: During live real-world events by answering binary (Yes/No) questions in real-time during “Rounds”. The “Rounds” are free to participate in and each comes with the potential of a payout if each of your live predictions is correct. You remain active in the “Round” until you predict incorrectly, at which point you can use a “Coin”, or life, to stay in the “Round”. “Coins” are obtained as an in-app purchase of $2.99 or in packages ranging from $9.99 to $19.99 or by watching an ad.

2. Picks: For upcoming real-world events by answering binary (Yes/No) questions before the event taking place during “Picks”. These “Picks” are also free to participate in and come with the potential of a payout if you predict each question correctly. You make your “Picks” before the event takes place and can use your “Coin” to erase up to three questions, increasing your chances of predicting the whole round correctly. Before the real-world event happening live, any active user participating in “Picks” can communicate through chat with other users from around the world, thus creating an environment of community and encouraging a little friendly competition.
It’s easy to see how this app has the potential to become one of the most popular int the NFT space and how CoinChamp is creating the framework for this future success.

Why CoinChamp?

CoinChamp offers unique markets to predict on which other platforms don’t offer. They are opening up the world of predictions to individuals with all different backgrounds allowing users to not only utilize their knowledge to make predictions but to also challenge other users to earn money for being correct.

CoinChamp is looking to gain licenses which will allow it to purchase crypto directly on the platform, allowing users the ability to use crypto on the app for contests and investments. Education, Ease of Access, and security are a main focus for CoinChamp’s vision. CoinChamp is looking to gamify crypto to attract and educate the new generation of tech lovers and enthusiasts.

CoinChamp will be a NFT Platform

In November 2021 Active Health Foods Inc. (AHFD) CoinChamp released a Statement of Work with MEV to undertake the initial development of its NFT platform. MEV is a software development firm with more than 120 top software developers from around the world known for their work with Intuit, Simplr and Cartier further ramping up its commitment to this process.

Also in November 2021 Active Health Foods, Inc. (AHFD) CoinChamp further elaborated on its strategy to drive the launch of its 2022 live launch of its Universal Plug-And;Play NFT Platform. Glen Bonilla, President and CEO of CoinChamp stated. “We have an aggressive timeframe for development and deployment of core technology underpinning our NFT platform vision. We have already established our development team and vision. This round will ensure we are able to move fast and maintain a high standard of functionality in creating the most user-friendly universal plug-and-play tool in the NFT space. By the time we launch, we want anyone and everyone to be able to participate in the NFT marketplace without prior experience, expertise, or training with just a few clicks.”

The goal is to utilize proceeds from the financing to deploy the rapid development of a market leading plug-and-play universal NFT platform that targets ease of use and the democratization of the NFT marketplace.

It’s easy to see how Active Health Foods, Inc. (AHFD) CoinChamp is rapidly working to revolutionize the NFTs and Plug-and-Plays platform by bringing them to the expansive consumer market with a highly evolved strategy!

About Active Health Foods (CoinChamp)
Active Health Foods recently acquired CoinChamp, Inc., and the operations of CoinChamp now represent the operations of the entire Company. CoinChamp is developing a platform for the plug-and-play creation of non-fungible tokens. More details will be disclosed in the near future. Glen Bonilla, President and CEO, is an experienced serial entrepreneur with an extensive banking background, years of managerial experience, and a fresh vision as a tech savvy millennial CEO.

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