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The media business has been in considerable focus over the course of the past months in light of the coronavirus pandemic and while many companies have struggled, some others have thrived in the environment. One of the companies that investors could consider putting into their watch lists at this point in time is Canada based Appreciated Media (TSXV:AMH) (OTCQB:AMEFF).

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Key Factors to Watch

The company works in various aspects of the media industry and more importantly, it is highly competent across a wide range of delivery platforms. It is fast growing into one of the world’s foremost entertainment companies and investors could consider taking a look at some of the recent developments.

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In July, the company made a major announcement with regards to deals related to as many as three films. Appreciated Media announced on July 20 that it has taken up an option for the film ‘The Editor’. In addition to that, the company also announced that it had signed a Letter of Intent for taking up the distribution rights for two films, ‘Big Church Movie’ and ‘Morse Code’. It should be noted that the two films are currently in the pre-production stage.

The film ‘The Editor’ has been optioned by the company’s subsidiary Appreciated Films and currently, it is also in talks to work on the voice over. On the other hand, Big Church Movie is a film starring Anthony Anderson while Morse Code stars Nicholas Cage. The first film is a comedy while the other one is a thriller.

However, these deals were not the only ones that proved to be a significant boost to Appreciated Media. Earlier on in July, the company announced that former wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan has been signed up to host the company’s new game show named ‘CYCLONE’. The game show is being produced by Appreciated TV, which is one of the divisions of Appreciated Media.

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Hulk Hogan has penned a deal to host 13 episodes of the game show but there is an option to extend it to another 13 episodes. The show is going to go into production in October this year and the signing up of Hulk Hogan could give the show an instant boost. In addition to that, the company is also aiming to start the production of its game show ‘Celebrity Face Off’ in October.

The acquisition of the show ‘Celebrity Show Off’ by the company has also been a significant coup for Appreciated Media. It was in early July when the company made the announcement with regards to its acquisition. These are highly impressive developments and could bring the company into the radars of investors in the weeks to come. Hence, it could be worthwhile for investors to start tracking the company closely.

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