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Now DTC eligible , these shares have been on the move. Recently advancing more than 800% on news that it may be delivering artificial intelligence (“AI”) powered technologies for COVID-19 screening.

A superior management team drives these shares higher . Led by Dr Rahul Kushwah, a highly experienced scientist who worked for the National Research Council for the Federal Government of Canada and held a professorship at University of Ottawa.

Serious investors must immediately place these shares on their BUY LIST, and purchase  on any consolidation of the shares.


Toronto, Ontario – TheNewswire – April 14, 2020 – Predictmedix Inc. (CNSX:PMED) (OTC:PMEDF) (formerly Cultivar Holdings Inc.) (the “Company”) has signed exclusive advisory agreements with clinicians in emergency and pulmonary medicine to aid its efforts in delivering artificial intelligence (“AI”) powered technologies for COVID-19 screening.

Predictmedix Inc. is welcoming to their advisory board high profile clinical experts who are dealing firsthand with the current COVID-19 pandemic. Joining the board is Dr. Alexander D. Bardon, an active emergency physician and an Associate Clinical Professor at McMaster University. Additionally, Dr. Navdeep Singh Nanda, one of the most prominent thoracic surgeons in India is joining the advisory board along with Dr. Nitin Kadam, who is on the management team of M.G.M. group of hospitals which encompass several hospitals all over India.

“I am excited to work with Predictmedix as the disruptive technologies being developed by them have the potential to revolutionize healthcare”, said Dr. Bardon.

“I look forward to working with Predictmedix. I feel the company can make a huge impact on the current COVID-19 pandemic as their technology is the need of the day. Not just now but also in the future as we deal with other infectious diseases” said Dr. Nanda.

“The addition of clinical experts will expedite our efforts in progressing our technology for COVID-19 screening and will be of immense importance in assisting us with data collection and technology deployment”, Predictmedix COO Dr. Rahul Kushwah said in a statement.

Predictmedix is developing a screening technology to be deployed on a large scale for COVID-19 screening. The technology uses multiparametric screening of an individual, making it effective for deployment in hospitals, airports, shopping malls, office buildings and locations that see large concentrations and flow of people.

Dr Alexander D Bardon CCFP(EM) is an Emergency Physician practicing in southern Ontario. He has undergraduate degrees in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (2006), and Kinesiology (2004) from Dalhousie University in his native province of Nova Scotia. He completed medical school at Saba University School of Medicine in 2011. He finished his residency in Family Medicine at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario in 2013. He achieved Certification of Added Competence in Emergency Medicine in 2019. He works in 3 different hospital emergency departments: Norfolk General in Simcoe, Ontario and St Mary’s General and Grand River Hospital in Kitchener, Ontario. He maintains certifications in Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Advanced Trauma Life Support and Neonatal Resuscitation. He is an Associate Clinical Professor at McMaster University and supervises the clinical teaching of medical students and residents in the emergency department.

Dr. Nitin Kadam is a Professor at M.G.M. Medical College Mumbai and is part of the management team for M.G.M. group of colleges and hospitals. He is also a Director of M.G.M.’s New Bombay Hospital, and is Management Council Member of M.G.M. University of Health Sciences, Academic Council and Board of Studies of M.G.M. University of Health Sciences. M.G.M. is one of the largest groups of medical universities in India with their group encompassing several hospitals all over India. M.G.M. Institute of Health Sciences is one of the top-ranking Centre of Excellence in Medical Education and Research in the country with their research arm focusing on finding better, safer and cheaper ways of diagnosing, treating and preventing diseases.

Dr Navdeep Singh Nanda is one of the leading thoracic surgeons in India, practicing in BLK Super Speciality Hospital in Delhi (“BLK”). BLK is one of the largest stand-alone private sector hospitals in India and is one of the largest oncology centers in Asia. The range of services offered at BLK make the Hospital a force to reckon with in the field of Super Speciality Tertiary Healthcare specially in surgical procedures and emergency medicine. Dr. Nanda has immense experience in the field of thoracic surgery, thoracic oncology, VATS, robotic chest surgery and related research. Prior to joining BLK, Dr. Nanda has served as a clinical associate and resident at some of the top hospitals and research centres in India.

About Predictmedix Inc.

Predictmedix Inc. is an artificial intelligence (“AI”) company developing disruptive and cutting-edge tools for impairment testing and healthcare. It is intended that the Company’s cannabis and alcohol impairment detection tools will be used across various workplaces and by law enforcement agents. Its technology uses facial and voice recognition to identify both cannabis and alcohol impairment by utilizing multiple features along with numerous different data points. Testing does not require any body fluids or human intervention, thereby helping to remove human error and the potential for discrimination and prejudice. The Company has partnered with Tech Mahindra and Hindalco to help expedite the launch of its impairment technology, as well as the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology.

The Company is also developing cutting edge screening for the healthcare industry. The recent advent of COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented stress on the global economy and highlights the need for tools to help screen mass populations for infectious diseases, with the hope of preventing pandemics in the future. In turn, Predictmedix Inc. is expanding its proprietary AI technology to screen for infectious diseases such as influenza and coronaviruses (COVID-19). Additionally, psychiatric disorders such as depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease can carry a significant burden and early identification is the key to better management. To help address this, the Company is also expanding its proprietary AI technology to screen for psychiatric and/or brain disorders such as depression, dementia and Alzheimer’s disease

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