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Since the closing of the agreement with SafeBus Technologies in late 2020, ATWEC Technologies, Inc. (OTC Markets: ATWT) is well on its way to become a leading company in child safety, a sector involving at least $250 billion. Since the takeover, the American technology company that specializes in child safety has a very favorable outlook, which makes the ATWT-stock interesting to keep a close eye on.

The experienced technology company specializing in mobile IP security solutions in vehicles for education and other sectors, is very pleased with the agreement of SafeBus Technologies. The now wholly owned subsidiary with an agreement value of $1.96 million will take shape in 2021, as ATWEC increasingly releases news about this new acquisition.

It is clear that these products and services also represent a strong value for transport in the senior and tourism sectors. Entering diverse markets with unique products and services can result in strong revenue growth potential by the second quarter of 2021.

Taking advantage of opportunities: this extends beyond children

The US school bus transport market will be intensively introduced to the SafeBus Alert™, SafeBus ETA™ and SafeBus LiveVue™ via a comprehensive sales and marketing campaign. As a result, more exposure will be achieved and the products and services can be personally introduced to potential customers. From within the company, the strategic acquisitions ensure that the network expands rapidly and the Board of Directors is doing its utmost to complete all transactions as soon as possible. This mainly consisted of buying assembled products, but thanks to SafeBus the company has gained more character. ATWEC is convinced that this will benefit the profit potential and its shareholders.

SafeBus has the necessary experience with software development for child safety for years. The technology includes: real-time tracking, parent notifications and fleet management services to ATWEC. This has now led to several leading partnerships and even interest from the Middle East. This interest now extends beyond children, as seniors are also an increasing sector that requires the necessary attention. An interesting campaign may also follow soon for this potential sector.

The range of unique products and services ensure that parents can follow the bus and their children in real time. Thanks to modern technology not only are parents reassured, children and schools are also aware that safety is guaranteed. In addition to safety, it is an affordable system for institutions and it can be easily applied in any infrastructure. Thanks to an application called SafeBus Station™, vehicle passengers are quickly and easily checked in and out by the driver. The Safebus Senior ID™ is a variant specially designed for seniors where user-friendliness for the elderly makes the difference.

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