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Last week, PSN had the honor of conducting an exclusive interview with HQ Global Education, Inc. (OTC: HQGE) – the parent company of its wholly-owned subsidiary Big M. Entertainment Pictures, Inc., a full-service film and TV production company based in the heart of Los Angeles. The company’s latest developments have attracted more attention, especially since the announcement of a new president and the acquisition of Big M. Entertainment Pictures, Inc. Curious about their business strategy, recent developments and the persona behind this company, our curiosity finally led to an interesting interview.

With Big M. Entertainment Pictures, Inc., HQGE aims to become the market leader in the fast-growing online content and microbudget film industry. There are already several projects in the pipeline, specifically designed for simultaneous or integrated release, both in cinemas and at home. HQGE wants to achieve this through the efforts of a broad and talented base of writers, producers, directors, editors and technicians to provide full services and assistance at every stage of film and TV content development. Including concept development, writing, editing, cinematography, visual effects and post-production.

The entertainment industry demands small, agile production companies.

We asked HQGE about the expectations of the entertainment industry. It first of all referred to the rich history of art and film in general and what important role film has played in times of uncertainty such as war, depression but also a pandemic as is now the case with COVID-19. Films can guide viewers through these difficult times and give society escapism and understanding.

To maintain this, more small, agile production companies like Big M Entertainment are needed in current times. They have the ability to produce quality films and streaming media while following the guidance of industry and the government. They may have a small crew, but they professionally focus on remote filming capabilities and cutting edge animated production. The advantage is that compared to large producers, they will have to deal less with large casts, union teams, off-site locations and significant travel.

Cinemas will make a comeback and streaming is hot.

HQGE is convinced that for the long term some film houses and cinemas will make a comeback and therefore the demand for film will increase. They will be helped by strong financial companies, because the cinema still seems too important in our society. They don’t dare to say yet when this turning point is going to happen. What’s certain, is the migration to streaming content that can be viewed anywhere nowadays with an internet connection.

The potential that streaming platforms, including gaming and interactive PC platforms, currently show is immense. Variety and targeted releases are increasing rapidly, thanks to digitalization and easy access. Virtual and augmented realities will play an significant role. HQGE will certainly take this into account during its developments.

HQGE is witnessing its best period

In answer to the question of what is the greatest success that HQGE has known, two recent events were mentioned. Namely the acquisition of Big M Entertainment and the announcement of founder and industry veteran Marvin Williams. Williams brings a load of experience and knowledge to film production and has a long history of collaborations and contractual agreements with major industry players. The list is impressive with names like: Disney’s Hollywood Records, Sony Pictures, Fox Studios, Trancas International Films, Lionsgate Motion Picture Group. They can deliver recognised quality at a reasonable price. Finally, Williams has put together a team of professionals to give Big M Entertainment explosive growth.

COVID-19 too small for Big M Entertainment

HQGE hasn’t experienced major consequences as a result of the pandemic. The company was already shifting its focus to the entertainment industry and in particular to the independent film and streaming niche. Whether or not a dose of luck was involved is not excluded. Fortunately, everything went well during the acquisition of Big M Entertainment.

An expected ‘bubble of content’ after the pandemic

HQGE focuses its energy on some of the most exciting segments. Small budget productions are currently very hot and that’s where Big M Entertainment stands out. Difficult social times like these create a huge need for a “bubble of content” – escapism, spoof, pandemic, apocalypse, horror, conspiracy. This is a bubble that may persist for the next 10 years or more and Big M Entertainment is perfectly positioned to take advantage of it.

The question now is, why Big M Entertainment?

After refocusing efforts, the focus shifted to subsidiary Big M Entertainment Pictures, which is now busier than ever with a large and growing variety of films at all stages of production. The entertainment industry is currently undergoing major changes and those changes clearly point in the direction Big M Entertainment is taking. HQGE believes that concentrating resources and efforts here will not only lead to a significant contribution to our current society. It’s also the optimal way for the company to maximise both short and long term returns for its shareholders.

HQGE proud of its presence on the stock market

The answer to the question of how HQGE looks back on the decision to enter the stock market is remarkably positive. The company wanted to expand and create value for all investors/shareholders who believe in Big M Entertainment and its vision. This appears to have been the best decision HQGE has ever made.

Interesting (expected) developments for the shareholders

Now that the acquisition of Big M Entertainment has been completed and Marvin Williams joining the team, there will be a great concentration on several projects. The post-production of the eco-documentary “Trees” is finished and negotiations are ongoing with several interested distributors of different sizes. The feature film “Captured” is deep in production, there is a lot of filming going on right now in preparation for a planned release in the fall of 2020. Pre-production is progressing rapidly on another feature film “Rosamond”, and two more films, “Avenue M” and “Trailer” are fully scripted and will be in development in the coming weeks and months.

Finally, it is valuable to note that HQGE owns or controls two additional pieces of “Class A” Intellectual Property that have attracted the interest of large studios. They are engaged in preliminary discussions on both matters relating to potentially large budget productions.

Shareholders and fans will be informed about the progress of these projects.

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By Omar