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One of the stocks to have surged considerably this week is that of BioRestorative Therapies (OTCMKTS:BRTXQ) and it has naturally come into the focus of investors. The company, which is involved in developing therapies and medicines for rare diseases, saw its stock surge by as much as 32% on Thursday. Trading volumes rose considerably this week and that was one of the reasons behind the rally in the BioRestorative stock.

$THRM.v – EXCLUSIVE: Therma Bright Inc. Talks About Its Pipeline, Financial Status And Battle Against Covid-19

Volatility and Rise

One of the important things to point out with regards to the BioRestorative stock is that although it has recorded significant gains, it has been quite volatile. The price action in the stock in August on the back of massive volumes is illustrative.

The rally in the stock commenced back in the first week of August when the stock was trading at $.0007 a share and now the stock trades at $0.194 a share. However, at the end of August, the trading volumes had hit 124 million shares and the stock rose to $.0343.

However, volatility soon kicked in on the next day and the stock slumped back considerably. That being said, it is also necessary to note that the BioRestorative stock could be the best option for investors who are looking to make significant returns in the market within a short period of time.

$THRM.v – EXCLUSIVE: Therma Bright Inc. Talks About Its Pipeline, Financial Status And Battle Against Covid-19

Small-Cap Titan

BioRestorative is one of the few small-cap stocks that have managed to create such excitement among investors in recent times and it is no surprise that investors have piled on to the stock.

Due to the volatility in the stock, it had gone through an uncertain for some time but earlier this month, it bounced back in a big way. The reason for the flip in fortunes for the stock is primarily due to the company’s new bankruptcy reorganization plan.

Positive Trigger

Earlier this month, BioRestorative announced that that it went into a partnership with Auctus Capital, one of its creditors, in order to devise a bankruptcy reorganization plan. The plan would help the company in keeping its operations going.

$THRM.v – EXCLUSIVE: Therma Bright Inc. Talks About Its Pipeline, Financial Status And Battle Against Covid-19

This would allow the company to start the Phase 2 trials of some of its products and eventually clear the path for entering one of the national stock exchanges.

At this point, it appears that plenty of investors have put in speculative bets on the BioRestorative stock in hopes of a positive ruling from the bankruptcy court. Investors could do well to keep an eye on the stock over the coming days.

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