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In 2009, the world’s most popular cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, was introduced. In the same way that Gold is a store of value, crypto has earned the right to compete with it. A hedge against currency depreciation and volatility is provided by Bitcoin. However, there is always the issue of whether Bitcoin or Gold is superior, and this competition is now ongoing in the respective markets.
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To protect assets from the current stock market volatility, the traditional and most common route would be to use hard assets “Gold” as insurance. Buying Gold might provide safety and balance. It used to be the most common and successful method of securing an investment in the past. In contrast, the advent of Bitcoin was seen as asafe haven, ushering in the latest and new era of digital currencies. Money/Coin has various qualities, and Bitcoin is no exception. However, there are several unique characteristics that make Bitcoin a feasible investment opportunity. It is up to investors to choose between Bitcoin and Gold as to which is the best investment, however many investors base their assessments on the Bitcoin versus Gold market capitalization. 
 Difference between Bitcoin’s Vs Gold
Many variables make Gold an excellent investment, but its fundamental value driver is that, despite high demand, the supply of Gold remains exceedingly limited. Although shares and physical currencies may be issued, Gold cannot be since this is an item that must be mined and processed after extraction.
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On the other hand, Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency built on top of a distributed ledger technology called a blockchain. Since it’s so distinctive, it’s regarded as “Digital Gold.” Bitcoin, like Gold, is a decentralized digital currency that is not issued by any government or central bank. While mining is used to extract the currency, it is done so with the aid of the most up-to-date technologies. The market capitalizations of Bitcoin and Gold, despite certain similarities, vary for the reasons listed below.
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How Would the World Be Different If Bitcoin Were the Reserve Currency?
El Salvador has made Bitcoin legal currency this year, indicating that if nation-state acceptance of Bitcoin continues, it may be on course to rival today’s renowned reserves currencies. You can find out what the world might look like if Bitcoin were to become a worldwide reserve currency by reading on.Breakout Stocks 

Bitcoin as a Reserve Currency
Because it contains many of the characteristics of sound money, Bitcoin’s design makes it an excellent choice for use as a reserve currency. When it comes to Bitcoin’s value, portability, dilution, indestructible nature, homogeneity, and cognoscibility, there is no comparison. Government-issued fiat money is inherently inflationary due to the ease with which more units may be generated. The uncontrolled production of money has led to hyperinflation in countries like Zimbabwe, Venezuela, and Argentina. As a result of excessive money production, even the United States is suffering inflationary pressures of its own. There are only 21 million Bitcoin’s in existence, which makes it more valuable in the long run since it’s so rare. The global currency markets have also been afflicted by currency manipulation on several occasions. To obtain an edge over other nations, governments frequently depreciate their national currencies in contrast to other currencies. To guarantee that the global financial system is fair and efficient, a neutral currency like Bitcoin should be used as the global reserve.
Bottom Line
A digital wallet, a cloud platform, or a physical hard drive may all be used to store Bitcoin. However, compared to gold, these methods of storage are not regarded secure because of the ongoing risk of hacking on cloud-based services.
“One of the basic assumptions of the bull case for Bitcoin is that there is a finite amount available. However, the total quantity of cryptocurrencies is potentially limitless. However, Bitcoin has shown greater correlations to stocks than Gold, especially during moments of equity market stress when diversification tends to provide the greatest value. Bitcoin is praised as a portfolio diversifier by some. Bitcoin’s popularity may be outstripping its ability to make a substantial contribution to the economy or finance.” A Glenmede investment strategy officer, Michael Reynolds, says: Michael Reynolds, Investment Strategy Officer at Glenmede.
It’s 2022, And Is Bitcoin A Smart Investment?
It may be concluded that Bitcoin is the best performing asset in the current era based on its historical and current performance. However, despite the recent volatility in the Bitcoin market, it may not be incorrect to claim that the price of Bitcoin will continue to rise over time, and the tiny amount invested now will generate greater profits in the near future.
Can Bitcoin Overtake Gold?
Bitcoin is volatile and its existence may be in question. One of our concerns is the security of the CLOUD, can hackers one day breach blockchain mechanisms. Is it possible for a rouge country take down the internet and limit your ability to access Bitcoin, China does it .How does one take money out of a bank that’s closedor your password is somehow compromised. Is it possible for hackers to filter  electronic communications and search out Bitcoin transactions with passwords.. Who do you call if you are compromised andwho guarantees against loss due to fraud ?
King Gold Still Reigns!

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