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These shares are ready to rumble as the company’s new business model takes hold . Right place , right time could describe this roll out . We urge all serious investors to follow these shares and look for an upside breakout as the company moves forward.


Cannagistics, Inc. (OTC: CNGT) is a U.S. corporation that operates both general and specialty 3PLs (3rd party logistics) with a focus on supply chain management, reverse logistics, warehousing, and transportation, and currently developing industry-specific technology platforms.

Global3PL (Ontario, Canada) is our general commodities operation, with warehouses in Canada and the U.S. that provide monthly and just-in-time inventory, pick and ship, custom house brokerage, as well as international freight forwarding, expedited and deferred air, local, regional, and North American consumer household pickup and delivery, less-than-truckload (“LTL”), truckload (TL).

Cannagistics, Inc. (our Canadian subsidiary) is a cannabis-specific logistics company aimed at streamlining the fragmented cannabis marketplace. The first Canadian company to obtain its own bonded warehouse license for cannabis, we’re also developing the most robust supply chain technology platform specifically for the cannabis ecosystem — to tap the enormous opportunities in the emerging global cannabis marketplace With an intent to solve pain points, we’ll use technology to streamline the complexities of coordinating compliance (state by state and country by country), logistics, international clearances, information, and product shelf-life tracking, powered by services by our knowledge-based operations team.


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