ClickStream ($CLIS) is a technology company that develops apps and digital platforms with the goal of disrupting conventional industries. With WinQuik™ world’s first synchronized mobile and digital network has been realized. The platform aims to provide a new way of gaming, communicating and entertaining for the WinQuik™ users and on top of that allows users to win real money and prizes.

WinQuik™: is it a niche gaming platform?

The various game modes are set up dynamically with daily games (live and non-live) that can be played at different times of the day. ClickStream generates money with the platform thanks to corporate sponsors and advertisers, making the platform basically free and accessible to everyone.

To give the platform more support, ClickStream is actively identifying with famous people from TV and the showbiz world. This is happening as the company scales to expand programming for WinQuik™. The money and prizes that can be earned every day should ensure a large captive audience. Each day involves a total of $1,600 in cash, of which $500 will be paid to the winner.

The fact that ClickStream is receiving the necessary attention is evident from the various collaborations that the company has already realized. Several influential people including Jordan Andino (Chef and TV personality), Pooch Hall (Actor), Robert Joshua Dobbs (NFL Quarterback and NASA Intern) and Mykel Hawke (Survival Expert) are part of the host group who must introduce WinQuik™ to the greater audience. This is not only important for the platform’s reputation, but also provides a special gaming experience for the users as they are sharing a platform with them.

WinQuik™ is available in the Google Play Store (Android) and the Apple App Store (iOs). As the world’s first trivia game across multiple platforms – in addition to the smartphones – users can also participate through the website

Sem Nexus is joining the business

On August 24, the hiring of digital marketing company Sem Nexus was announced to implement a broad social and digital marketing campaign, timed with the launch of WinQuik™ in September. Sem Nexus has the experience necessary to implement a successful digital marketing campaign and further help ClickStream to successfully market WinQuik™. In addition, ClickStream has also concluded partnerships with Infinixsoft and SpecOps, intended to improve and increase the product development and customer focus.

Sem Nexus is seen as a leading marketing agency for mobile app startups. The company has established itself at the forefront of the mobile marketing industry by using a combination of all modern and relevant digital marketing tactics and raising awareness of its customers mobile apps. SEM Nexus applies flexible processes in every marketing campaign and ensures that it always brings out the best possible marketing strategy for every campaign.

What else do shareholders need to know?

ClickStream recently announced in a press release that the board of directors has authorized the repurchase of up to $1,000,000 of the company’s common shares in both the open market and privately negotiated transactions. The company believes that by using its strong balance sheet to reduce the number of common shares outstanding, shareholder value can be increased while maintaining sufficient cash to fund operations and developments. The share buyback authorization demonstrates the continued commitment of ClickStream. In this way, the company aims to improve and develop the investment value of the shares – with the further improvement and strong promotion of WinQuik™ being their top priority.

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By Omar