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Cure Pharma Aug 3  Webcast Replay


Webcast confirms former CEO is continuing to work with CURR on “several potential international deals” & sees the $20 million deal as the “1st of many non-dilutive transactions to come” & will continue developing new technology in this “incubator” with purpose of monetizing new technology, IP & branded products into non-dilutive capital with a focus on shareholder value

 Last week we published a detailed report on CURR after they received $20 million cash for a small portion of their IP related to pharma side of the business. We urged investors to consider purchase into further detail and a business update and webcast this week. The stock rallied this week after the company provided a written update Monday in layman’s terms deciphering a confusing and complicated 8K full of patent and legal terms. Importantly, the company confirmed that they are in active international discussions that appear to have been going on for a long time and earlier stage discussions as well regarding licensing of the molecule delivery technologies with multiple parties.

o Wednesday’s Webcast went into further exciting detail & again confirmed former CEO Rob Davidson will be on the Board and importantly staying on to work with CURR on “several potential international deals” & sees the $20 million deal as the “1st of many non-dilutive transactions to come”. Perhaps even more importantly, it was clearly stated Rob is not just at Cure to close the several non-dilutive deals he is currently working on, but will definitively continue with the company to develop new technology and intellectual property in this “incubator” holding company with purpose of monetizing new technology, IP & branded products into non-dilutive capital with a focus on enhancing shareholder value. So, Rob remains one of the largest shareholders, a key member of the Cure Board of Directors, the chief negotiator on several ongoing international deal discussions that could lead to significant additional non-dilutive capital and cash, as well as continuing to work on new technology, intellectual property and inventions for all areas of the company.


o Of all the excellent slides in the webcast deck, perhaps the most positive to us were the new disclosures in the “International Opportunities” including comments all over the world:

  • –        Australia: APPROVED – WITH LEGAL FOR SIGNATURE – Global Shop (It should be noted this is Nicole Kidman and Husband Keith Urban’s home country and CURR confirmed on the call Nicole’s representation of Seratopical Revolution Brand includes international).
  • –        Japan: In negotiations. Oak Lawn
  • –        Mexico: Deal signed. Almost thru compliance. ($20 million deal partner has agreed to help with distribution)
  • –        South Africa: We have settled on the Revolution line to start. They are working concurrently on the CBD line. Homemark
  • –        Korea: Still working on regulatory with KFDA. They would like to take both lines. This is a relatively short time frame compared to the EU. Hanjo
  • –        UK: They are continuing their import regulatory according to Brexit rules. They love both the lines and don’t anticipate any glitches with the CBD. Highstreet
  • –        Germany: Provided us with a list of documents that they require for the PIF file, which must be completed prior to selling in the EU. They are extremely enthusiastic. Mediashop
  • –        France: Require PIF file. Cannot import CBD so Revolution only. HSS


o Frankly we were shocked that they are this far along in so many international countries and it sounds like an international non-dilutive deal is next and could be in the coming months. One more non-dilutive deal in the near term would launch CURR stock in our opinion and validate their “incubator” strategy. We think its coming based upon webcast disclosures.


 o CURR showed how their broad platform is made up of two areas

  • –        Oral Delivery – which includes Active Delivery, Nutraceuticals, Cannabinoid, Psychedelics, Nutraceuticals, Ingestibles and Nutri-Strips.
  • –        Topicals – Cosmeceuticals, Topicals, Seratopical.


O Funds now available to aggressively launch multiple Golden Globe/Academy/Emmy Award winning actress Nicole Kidman’s “Revolution” Seratopical line that recently shipped to over 1350 WMT stores as well as 1300 CVS stores. CURR management discussed using Nicole Kidman ambassadorship as an anchor for brand credibility and how now they have the capital to assist this marketing campaign. We should start seeing multiple monthly Nicole Kidman Social media posts with respect to her Seratopical Revolution line going forward. It also appears that Seratopical Revolution will launch in Nicole and husband Keith Urban’s home country of Australia, which should result in incremental additional Nicole social and other media activity into launch that will likely help in the US as well.  The Sera Labs has done amazing job without marketing funds launching this with perhaps the busiest top 5 award winning actress during the pandemic and thereafter with a huge social media presence together with her singer husband Keith Urban. Expect to see an enhanced marketing campaign with product just hitting stores in Q2. Expect sales in international locations in the coming months including Australia – see international slide in deck and comments above.

o This year products are being launched in CVS (1300 Doors), Bed Bath (full chain), Walmart (1350 Doors), RiteAid / Bartells (full chain), and  SaveMart (full chain) as well asTarget.com and others.  CURR new CEO and founder of The Sera Labs took investors through their brick-and-mortar strategy as part of their overall marketing effort that includes Digital Advertising and Omni-Channel Advertising.

o On the Webcast, CURR unveiled their newest product, Seratopical’s “Vanishing Strips” with a visually stunning box matching perfectly with the wonderfully beautiful and visually appealing packaging of all Sera Labs products. “The most recent line extension to the Seratopical Revolution line up “Vanishing Strips” is a patented technological game changer, melts into your skin and literally Vanishes your wrinkles”. National TV and PR Kickoff Q1 2023. This product is a perfect example of how Cure’s scientific team can create new products and IP to help enhance The Sera Labs brand.

o An innovative holding company incubator with a respected wellness and beauty brand with Top 5 actress Nicole Kidman as their main spokesperson now with the capital to market this brand. To us this puts this investment in a whole new positive category of a holding company with multiple assets they are actively pursuing non-dilutive cash deals on, with the intention to create new non-pharma products (we think melt on your tongue nicotine could be explored for instance) and with an innovative  wholly-owned subsidiary The Sera Labs, “a developer and marketer of wellness and beauty products, with its portfolio of brands and product lines including CBD based and non-CBD based now has the working capital to relaunch and build the Seratopical Revolution line. The Company recently shipped to over 1,350 Walmart (WMT) stores as well as to 1300 CVS stores, SaveMart and Bed, Bath and Beyond (BBBY) and looks to aggressively grow Seratopical Revolution into a global brand”.

o Mexico is about to launch – Authorization to sell Nutri-Strips products in Mexico was recently announced and the company expects to have full go ahead this yr and deal partner has agreed to help with distribution.

o Company mentions important pet category in PR and now again in the webcast – CURR management has in past presentations mentioned the pet category and their desire to move to melt on your tongue OTF pet medicines. Anyone with a dog or cat understand how difficult it is to get them to take pills. A good tasting melt on your tongue pet medicine strip could have an enormous market in the pet medicine category and we know from previous comments management has discussed licensing. Now the company will have the time and resources to pursue this area more vigorously. There is interest from partners and some investors believe this area could alone could be monetized into many multiples of the current TOTAL MARKET CAP.

o CURR is almost certainly in current discussions to replace Canopy Growth (CGC) CBD distribution agreement in the near term – Now free from the Canopy Growth (CGC) CBD distribution agreement, the company is almost certainly in discussions with other companies related to possible licensing of the company’s CBD technology and portfolio. Importantly, just to get out of the agreement, CGC paid almost $4 million to CURR to terminate the relationship after STZ overpaid and invested billions in CGC at ridiculous valuations and came in and cancelled many agreements to save money after CGC business cratered. Some investors think the first CBD licensing agreement from here could bring in $10 million or more (which when compared with $4 million break up fee appears more than reasonable).  Rob Davidson went over briefly many of the cannabinoid molecule, psychedelic, plant extract, flavanoids, terpenes and other patents. In addition, while certain patents were sold in the $20 million deal, CURR has retained exclusive licenses to use those patents in certain non-pharma areas so really, they retain the usefulness of many of the patents sold in other areas.

o In the Monday PR CURR noted: will continue to invest in the clinical development of other molecule delivery technologies and is engaged in exploratory discussions with other third parties”.  Importantly this includes the red-hot area of psychedelics and many other areas. Importantly, Rob Davidson confirmed this on the webcast and said there is definite interest in this area and highlighted some of the related patents including “Oral dissolvable film containing psychedelic compound” and “Oral dissolvable gel containing psychedelic compound”. Again, many investors believe this area alone could be monetized for several times the current total market cap of CURR.

As we emphasize in our last report:, It’s Important to understand that this public company still also owns multiple patents in many areas including cannabis, CBD, psychedelics, extraction, and topicals and it still intends to be a broad platform technology company while continuing to have use of the patents sold in the $20 million deal in non-pharma areas and psychedelics through licensing. They intend to continue to create and monetize new innovative technology and intellectual property with the intention to monetize the current and future pipeline it develops while continuing to work on the items both outside and inside The Sera Labs noted above.  While Rob Davidson is no longer CEO, it was clearly confirmed on this webcast that he is one of the company’s largest shareholders, will remain on the board of directors and will work to continue to help the company continue its history of developing new and innovative products and help monetize them as well as continue partnering and licensing discussions in many of the areas noted above that are ongoing.

Summary: CURR is a strong buy as the cash need overhang has been completely removed, into the above positive catalysts with strong fundamentals, and balance sheet aligning right now after the most important transaction in the company’s history has brought validation of the company’s proprietary technology and cash to invest in the rest of the company’s exciting product pipeline. Importantly there is so much more left in the company besides The Sera Labs, which itself should see significant growth over the coming year.  We believe CURR at the current value is a compelling buy into the detail of Weds conference call, an enhanced marketing effort at The Sera Labs with respect to the Nicole Kidman “Revolution” line and other products, and additional non-dilutive deals that should almost certainly bring more non-dilutive cash over the coming months. We highly recommend everyone listen to the replay and download, review and save the PDF file of the webcast slides.


Webcast Replay link : Cure Pharmaceutical Conference Call (webcaster4.com)

(Note – do not fast forward or slides get out of sync) – you can view and save the entire PDF deck at the link at the top of this report.

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