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 Opportunity to add at a total market cap not much greater than this deal value with more focus on the growth of the rest of the pipeline and more non-dilutive deals likely in the coming months.

CURR has had a series of positive announcements over the past 12 months that did not move the stock because of the fear of a deeply dilutive secondary investors felt was inevitable near term because of the cash need.  With the $20 million asset sale announced today, the company has enhanced their cash position to cover cash needs & avoid a 2022 secondary. In addition, it has validated their technology by receiving a purchase price close to the company’s total market cap pre-announcement for only a small portion of their pipeline of exciting products/IP.

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Opportunity To Buy the Stock Before Detail of What Remains Emerges on the Conference Call Next Week

There was a lack of detail in the press release and the 8K is complicated with technical patent terms and a lack of disclosure in layman terms exactly what the company owns after the asset sale. Importantly, it appears some investors are confused thinking all that remains is The Sera Labs subsidiary which is far from reality. The company will explain & provide much more detail next week on a conference call webcast and with the stock trading at a total value just above the $20 million received for these few assets, we think CURR is a compelling buy into that conference call/detail and what is likely to be other asset sales/partnerships in the future that will bring in even more non-dilutive capital.

With their cash needs met now, once they get the detail on the conference call, investors can then value the previous news items and contemplate the company as a going concern with at least 5 major fundamental shots on goal that should play out positively over the coming months as well as the likely monetization/licensing of other assets in additional non-dilutive deals.


  1. Funds now available to now aggressively launch multiple Golden Globe/Academy/Emmy Award winning actress Nicole Kidman’s “Revolution” Seratopical line that recently shipped to over 1200 WMT stores as well as CVS and BBBY.  The Sera Labs has done amazing job without marketing funds launching this with perhaps the busiest top 5 actress during the pandemic and thereafter with a huge social media presence together with her singer husband Keith Urban. Expect to see an enhanced marketing campaign with product just hitting stores in Q2.

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Seratopical by Sera Labs – Sera Labs (seralabshealth.com)

  1. Sera Labs can now utilize their brilliant marketing team to actively add Nutri-Strips marketing campaigns to the already wide acceptance & great reviews on AMZN & recent addition to shelves of CVS & Target.com (TGT). In addition, the Oral Thin Film high dose Vitamin D was found more effective than standard supplementation in Pediatric Cancer Patients and will be used at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital and likely other hospitals in the near future.

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  1.  Authorization to sell Nutri-Strips products in Mexico was recently announced and the company expects to have sales this yr and application for the 1st edible CBD product in Mexico history.

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  1.   Now free from the Canopy Growth (CGC) CBD distribution agreement, the company is almost certainly in discussions with other companies related to possible licensing of the company’s CBD technology and portfolio. Importantly, just to get out of the agreement, CGC paid almost $4 million to CURR to terminate the relationship after STZ overpaid and invested billions in CGC at ridiculous valuations. Some investors think the first CBD licensing agreement from here could bring in $10 million or more.

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  1. CURR now has the funds to invest in the clinical development of psychedelic compounds such as psilocybin, LSD, and MDMA for the treatment of various mental health disorders. CURR will optimize the absorption/metabolism of psychedelic actives targeting clinical efficacy of both macrodosing & microdosing treatment regimens. CURR can use their DEA Schedule 1 license & cGMP-certified & FDA-registered facility providing a US footprint for anticipated commercialization. The company appears to be in psychedelic partnership talks per comments at a recent investor meeting.

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Its Important to understand that this public company still also owns multiple patents in many areas including cannabis, CBD, psychedelics, extraction, and topicals and it still intends to be a broad platform technology company continuing to create and monetize new innovative technology and intellectual property with the intention to monetize the current and future pipeline it develops while continuing to work on the items both outside and inside The Sera Labs noted above.  While Rob Davidson is no longer CEO, he is one of the company’s largest shareholders, will remain on the board of directors and will work up to 25 hours ( about 3 days) a week to continue to help the company continue its history of developing new and innovative products and help monetize them as well as continue partnering and licensing discussions in many of the areas noted above that are ongoing.

 CURR is a strong buy as the cash need overhang has been completely removed, into the above positive catalysts with strong fundamentals, and balance sheet aligning right now after the most important transaction in the company’s history has brought validation of the company’s proprietary technology and cash to invest in the rest of the company’s exciting product pipeline. Importantly there is so much more left in the company besides The Sera Labs, which itself should see significant growth over the coming year.  We believe CURR at the current value is a compelling buy into the detail of next week’s conference call, an enhanced marketing effort at The Sera Labs with respect to the Nicole Kidman “Revolution” line and other products, and additional non-dilutive deals that could bring more non-dilutive cash over the coming months

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