Over the past months, plenty of companies have come into focus among investors for being potential ‘coronavirus plays’ and one of those is CytoDyn (OTCMKTS:CYDY). The company has been working on a product for treating patients suffering from severe to critical symptoms of COVID 19. 


The product that has been developed by the company is leronlimab and on Tuesday, CytoDyn provided a key update with regards to the product. The company announced additional results from the CD12 trial of leronlimab which had been conducted on patients suffering from severe to critical symptoms of COVID 19 infections. 

As per the analysis of the data conducted by CytoDyn, it was revealed that when leronlimab was included in the standard of care, the mortality in the patients were reduced by as many as 14 days. 

That is a significant figure and works out to reduction of mortality by as much as 82%. However, that is not all. There were other key findings as well which ought to be kept in mind. It was also revealed that patients who had been administered with leronlimab were as much as 5 times more likely to be alive on the 14th day as opposed to those who had been treated with standard of care treatments alone. 

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Nader Pourhassan, the Chief Executive Officer of CytoDyn, stated that that company will submit an update with the 14-day benefit to the United States Food and Drug Administration expediently. 

He went on to add that the latest data is a further indication that leronlimab could be made available for immediate use for those who are displaying critical symptoms of COVID 19 infection. Over the course of the past year, the CytoDyn stock has seen considerable action and is still up by as much as 55%. In this regard, it is also important to add that leronlimab possesses an impressive safety record and has a wide range of indications as well. 

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