Digital Locations Inc. (OTC: DLOC) has announced that the application to conduct further research on Powder has been approved. This is summarized by the company itself as the future of wireless networking in a ‘living laboratory’ at city level. All this has to do with the 5G revolution that has been a hot topic in the news lately. Digital Locations Inc. believes it can improve its position on the market as well-known communication tools developer.

What do we know about Digital Locations Inc.

The company is the developer of cell tower sites using the 5G network. 5G wireless networks are expected to be 100 times faster than current 4G LTE networks. They want to respond to developments such as self-driving vehicles, IOT, mobile streaming of 4K videos, holograms deployment and high-definition gaming without delay. A side note of the 5G network is that so far the signal can’t reach far (approximately 100 metres). Therefore a lot of new 5G antennas are required. This means at least 1 million towers are expected to be needed in the United States. Thanks to its many years of experience and science, Digital Location Inc. therefore wants to become the market leader in developing and leasing the necessary communication tools of the future.

What exactly does Powder mean?

Powder stands for ‘The Platform for Open Wireless Data-driven Experimental Research’. It’s a project owned by the University of Utah, Rice University, the Utah Education and Telehealth Network and Salt Lake City. With this project, more than 400 radios will be deployed in the coverage area. Experiments will allow them to build wireless networks that look like the ones we have today, or to build completely new ones. All radios have an out-of-band control channel and the stationary nodes have high bandwidth connections to a data center for data networking and remote radio processing. By August 2020, Powder is scheduled to operate across most of Salt Lake City’s Central Business District, expanding the project team’s campus implementation of before.

Approval of the application gains confidence

We see that the approval for the application to study and further develop Powder could have led to a lot of confidence in the market. Where the stock closed yesterday at $0.0416 and opened at $0.0719 it is currently worth $0.20. This is an explosive increase of +375%. The daily range is estimated at a maximum of $0.35, but may also decline again. The enterprise value has risen by more than $300K in the past quarter and therefore interesting to keep an eye on during the expected developments.

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By Omar