Digital Locations Inc (OTCMKTS:DLOC) Makes a Dream Run After the Big Announcement 

The 5G revolution is almost here, and a wide range of companies are going to do brisk business as the new infrastructure comes into existence. Hence, it could be wise for investors to keep a close eye on some of the interesting companies which are working in the sector. One of the companies that could be worth following at this time is that of Digital Locations Inc (OTCMKTS:DLOC), which is involved in the development of cell tower sites meant to fuel the shift to 5G. Digital Locations is involved in a potentially highly lucrative space when it comes to the 5G revolution. 

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5G signals cannot go farther than 100 meters, and hence, plenty of new antennas are going to be installed. However, it will also involve the installation of a large number of 5G cell towers. According to some estimates, as many as a million 5G cell tower sites are going to be needed in the United States alone. 

Digital Locations is looking to enter this space quickly by partnering with another company so that it can develop a large number of cell tower sites that could be suitable for 5G networks. The company has stated that it aspires to become a ‘landlord’ in wireless communication assets that are going to be in existence in the coming years. 

This Monday, the company made a major announcement with regards to its 5G ambitions, and soon enough, its stock managed to make enormous gains as investors piled on to it. Digital Locations announced that its application for conducting research on the future of wireless technology named Powder (the Platform for Open Wireless Data-driven Experimental Research) was accepted. It is, without a doubt, a major milestone for the company, and the Digital Locations stock recorded gains of as much as 750% Monday. Moreover, the stock is up another 550% and now trading at $0.27.

The University of Utah runs Powder in partnership with Salt Lake City and the Utah Education and Telehealth Network. Digital Location is going to conduct research on the same in a laboratory that has the scale of a city, and that is a particularly important point. At the end of the day, the company is going to be working on projects in big cities, and this research is expected to come in handy. 

Bill Beifuss, the Chief Executive Officer of Digital Locations, said as much. He said it is an ‘interesting opportunity’ and went on to state that it will allow Digital Locations to work with top-class 5G companies in order to learn more about 5G applications in ‘real-world conditions. Investors could keep an eye on the developments regarding the company over the coming days.

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