Green Stream Holdings ($GSFI) has announced a series of MOUs in place to serve for the New York Community Solar project. Design and engineering plans have been completed, meaning the project is on track to secure project financing. This is incredible news after the company also recently announced another MOU with partner Kevin Aoki – son of the founder of Benihana. This plan includes lucrative GSFI offers, giving the company the possibility to improve the cultivation and transportation of high-quality mushrooms for the Aoki Group, Inc.

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Green Stream is busy expanding in 2020

Green Stream has the objective to become the market leader in solar energy. The company never made it a secret that it intends to form important partnerships with major investment groups, brokers and private investors in the future. A valuable collaboration that illustrates the company’s high potential is the partnership with Kevin Aoki.

Last week, Green Stream was thrilled when it updated a non-binding MOU with the Aoki Group with lucrative GSFI offerings pertaining to tomorrow’s technology. It aims at cultivation and transport where the products will improve significantly. A concrete example is the revolutionary concept in the cultivation and export of high-quality mushrooms for Aoki’s restaurant concepts in the United States.

How will the GSFI offer improve cultivation and transport?

GSFI will supply solar-powered containers lined with filtered blackout panels. The technology involved makes it possible for the mushrooms to receive the necessary nutrients, while at the same time blocking the light. In this way, the mushrooms can continue to grow optimally inside the container during transport. Green Stream is now exploring how it can expand this trade to other continents, which could be a perfect addition to drive the company’s innovation and production line. Japan was mentioned because it is a country where the cultivation of sun mushrooms is a growing business.

The partnership offers a wealth of possibilities for both parties. For example, Green Stream and Aoki Group will also work together to create the first off-grid, sustainable solar-powered urban greenhouse. In this way, high-quality fresh produce must be delivered to Kevin Aoki’s Blue Tree bars in Honolulu, Hawaii. According to both parties, this method is more efficient and fairly cheaper, while also promising an increased output. Research has shown that the red glass significantly increases plant growth by 94%. The greenhouses will be built in collaboration with the world-renowned architect Anthony Morali.

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The New York Community Solar project

Green Stream is in various stages of implementation for its solar utility model targeting several popular neighborhoods in New York. It includes signing statewide MOUs and completing design and engineering for one site related to the New York Community Solar project. The Green Rain Solar initiatives are a great asset to GSFI and the subscribers to the solar parks with which the company is affiliated. Highly paid electricity customers can now lower bills monthly, while GSFI’s utility division continues to record a stable cash flow for a 25-year period.

Apart from signing the statewide MOUs, the design and engineering for one site related to the New York Community Solar project has been completed. The next phase involves project financing and building a proprietary system that could be completed in the next 4/6 months. The financial model will allow residents of multi-unit homes to participate in a 15 up to 25% monthly energy savings through solar park membership.

Business update September 30, 2020

The primary focus for a business expansion is currently on states and local cities in the United States with energy costs over 8 cents per kilowatt. The reason for this is a higher Return on Investment (ROI), which allows Green Stream to properly assess the efficiency of investments. The strategy is to offer profitable renewable energy projects, such as the urban garden project with solar greenhouses on the roof. An important regulation is that the surplus power is fed back to the electricity grid, which generates utilities and cash flow.

Another announcement is that Green Stream has entered the urban horticulture sector with solar greenhouses primarily intended for growing organic products on the roofs. The ideology is to look for urban areas with high energy costs where “unused space” can be used for urban horticulture. In return, the surface owners receive compensation and access to cost-effective clean, green energy.

For more information also read the other article about Green Stream from September 30: “Green Stream sees Potential in Critical Urban Spaces: This Market will Generate Billions.”

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