For those who are not (quite) familiar with Epazz, Inc. – (OTC:EPAZ), how would you like to describe your company and its main activities to them in the best way possible?

Epazz, Inc. is a group of visionary, mission-critical software technology providers with diverse software application programs and complementary hardware products that can significantly improve business processes, operations, and aids in achieving organizational goals.

PSN: Describe briefly your business model:

Annual Subscriptions – SaaS – Hardware sales with Cloud apps

PSN: How well do you think you have executed on your business model

We have over $2 million in sales, adding new products. We are on target and on time

PSN: What are the short- and long-term goals of Epazz, Inc.? And what business strategy / model is being used to achieve these goals?

Short-term goals: to attract more online customers, onboard new investors, and increase quarterly revenues through aggressive marketing and promotional platforms that convert leads to sales.

We are in the process of launching ZenaDrone 1000, a drone for hemp farms analyzing factors related to crop productivity

PSN: More specifically, what is currently in the pipeline of Epazz, Inc. for 2021? What are the prospects you can share ?

Products in development are ZenaDrone hybrid unmanned aerial vehicle. Currently launched and sold in the market

DeskFlex office space management for hybrid office environments

DeskFlex is in major demand for companies returning to the office. The hybrid model of working part time in the office is taking over.

PSN: How is Epazz, Inc. different from its competition (as there are many other companies in the arena) In other words, what is your strength that separates Epazz, Inc. from the rest?

Epazz provides customization technical support services 24/7 through our many offices located in different time zones.

PSN: What makes Epazz, Inc.  such high-potential projects and what are the characteristics and qualities of these two projects?

One of our high-potential projects is the ZenaDrone smart farming solution. It is a hybrid drone that consists of multi spectral sensors for tracking and mapping, heat, sunlight, and rain sensors, high definition camera for image and video recording, long lasting battery for extended flight time, and a large storage to store  the collected data. It is primarily made for hemp farms but can also be beneficial to field service management, inspection and compliance, and repair and maintenance activities.

PSN: Which (other) areas would you like to add to your business ?

We would be exploring opportunities in clean and sustainable energy technology as more companies are leaning towards Eco-friendly technological products.

PSN : And what does Epazz, Inc. look for when exploring new opportunities?

Epazz is expanding our software products via acquisitions and new product development.

PSN: Which permits has Epazz, Inc. acquired this year, why are these permits important for the business and which other permits would you like to obtain in the near future?

We have already applied for SOC 2 Compliance Certification and the GDPR Compliance for European nations. It is currently in process.

We upgrading our systems to attract more enterprise customers.

PSN: Which events has Epazz, Inc. experienced since the outbreak of COVID-19? How did the pandemic effect the business and how did you deal with this?

There have been positive and negative impact of the COVID 19 pandemic to the company. Negatively, our business operations were forced to implement work from home set up leaving our offices and conducting meetings virtually.

However, DeskFlex room scheduling software gained traction as several organizations needed a system that can efficiently manage office spaces for their skeletal workforce implementing hybrid office environments. Our pet grooming software solution, K9Sky technology also gained traction as more pet grooming facility owners required automated systems for their business to assist them in scheduling grooming appointments during the pandemic.

PSN: What can be shared about Epazz Holdings, Inc. financials over the last quarter and financial year? To what extent has it fulfilled the objectives and business goals?

Our revenues are expanding rapidly because of DeskFlex desk booking software.

Our assets are growing. Our debt is long term debt with low interest. No convertible debt

PSN : Has the company raised monies in the past 12 months and does it anticipate a raise in the near future.

The company has a positive cashflow and has used its cash position to invest into other companies.

PSN: Are you currently engaged in a debt for equity transaction ?

NO, not at all at the present time

PSN How much ( Percentage ) of the company does management control including the board of directors ?

Over 60%

PSN: Why did Epazz, Inc go public ? What has it achieved for the company since then becoming public ?

To grow faster, we have acquired over 11 companies because of being public

PSN: For those being quite unfamiliar with this industry, what is the main incentive for a company like Epazz, Inc. to make it profitable and interesting for new investors or shareholders?

Long-term investors who are willing to buy EPAZ shares and hold long term will participate over time.. Epazz has been in business for more than two decades and is seeking to achieve long-term share growth

We are continuously increasing revenues yearly , derived from our various technology products, Constant innovation, and participating partnerships will drive these shares higher we believe. In due time, following the General Growth principle, Epazz Holdings will exponentially grow and expand.

PSN: Why / How should potential  investors view  your COMPANY? What are the (personal) benefits for a shareholder?

Epazz, Inc. has been in a restructuring stage as compared to  its previous business structure. We are in the early stage of restructure, giving EPAZ a huge potential for growth and expansion. With the leadership and direction of our CEO and Director Dr. Shaun Passley, Epazz Holdings we believe that the company  will be  breakingout to new heights by following the General Growth Theory business model.