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Graystone Co Inc


Graystone Company Increases Its Bitcoin Holdings from Mining Operation – Expected to Accelerate Through 2021

These shares are on time and on target in attaining its goals set by management in acquiring several low cost low environmental impact bitcoin mining operations  Its projects include Gorilla, Graystone II and Graystone III located in Loreto and Amazonas, Peru.

Watch these shares carefully !

With a yearly high iof $0.09 cents , these shares could triple from current levels before hitting any resistance levels . We look for a breakout above $0.02 , a test of $0.04 cents

Serious investors must place these shares on their BUY LIST

Graystone Company Increases Its Bitcoin Holdings from Mining Operation – Expected to Accelerate Through 2021

FORT LAUDERDALE, Fla., July 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Graystone Company, Inc. (OTC: GYST) announced today that the Company has increased its Bitcoin holdings by 12.5% since June 1, 2021 as a result of its Bitcoin Mining Operations. Additionally, the company anticipates an additional 1,000 Terrahash (TH/s) to come online in September which will continue to increase the Company’s Bitcoin Holdings weekly.

The Company is working with its suppliers and investors to expediate the acquisition of additional mining equipment to accelerate production which should propel them towards our goal of 50,000 TH/s in 2021 possibly exceeding 1,000,000 TH/s by 2024.

The Company is focused on building long term relationships with their shareholders and investors as they build their mining operations. Graystone Company chooses to provide maximum transparency to their shareholders, who can track their mining progress securely through the link to the Bitcoin wallet address located on the company’s website, it reflects transactions from the Company’s mining operations and the current balance.

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The Graystone Company, Inc. (OTC: GYST) operates Graystone Mining “Bitcoin Mining” the process by which Bitcoins are created resulting in new blocks being added to the blockchain and new Bitcoins being issued to miners. The Company will only mine Bitcoin.  The company also operates NutraGyst which develops and markets a line of healthcare products focused on Longevity, Wellness and Fertility, read more.

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