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The last month of a stunning year is still going strong for Enzolytics, Inc. (OTC: ENZC), which announced earlier this month that it has completed its merger with BioClonetics Immunotherapeutics. The result is an increasing demand for this volatile stock, which currently has a value of almost $0.09 per share, compared to $0.01 per share a month earlier.

Great news, because its shares may return to the national stock exchange soon. It was especially interesting for the short-term traders to invest in Enzolytics. Thanks to a 10-fold increase, many traders with a quick profit-oriented vision were able to make a lot of turnovers and profit more within a day. What analysts are noticing today is that the popularity of the share is on the rise and it seems more traders don’t want to miss this boat.

So, is it only interesting to consider this share because of the exponential growth it has proven? The answer is: no. Enzolytics is in possession of several patents and has built up a leading reputation for the production of various innovative medicines. Through the recent merger, Enzolytics is now developing two separate but complementary therapy platforms for the treatment of infectious diseases, targeting HIV/AIDS and Covid-19. In addition, it is also active in a special segment that has a high potential and certainly offers other possibilities to allow the company to flourish even more. These are proprietary bioproducts for industrial use that are intended to defend civil and military materials.

Recently, Enzolytics announced that it has established a correlative structure between HIV and the Covid-19. This is an interesting finding because the company has the expertise to produce targeted monoclonal antibodies that are now being tested for the Covid-19 virus. An expansion of its laboratory on the Texas A&M University campus of the Institute for Pre-clinical Studies will allow more studies of higher quality to be performed and the production of monoclonal antibodies to both HIV/AIDS and Covid-19 will increase.

On December 1, in addition to the merger, it was also announced that partner BioClonetics‘ technology features a fully human anti-monoclonal antibody that has been tested in five international labs to show that more than 95% of all strains of the HIV virus got neutralized during the tests. A new trial on monoclonal antibodies will soon be conducted at the University of Strasbourg, France. In addition, a second international test was also discussed at the San Raffaele Scientific Institute in Milan, Italy. This includes the in vitro neutralization assays protocol for anti-HIV monoclonal antibodies.

Finally, the company made a hopeful statement about recent developments. Currently, anti-retroviral therapy for HIV/AIDS is not a cure, and the side effects of lifelong use are significant. On top of that, the annual average cost of antiretroviral therapy and the average lifetime cost are very expensive. All together, it is estimated at about $379,000. The company’s anti-HIV therapy would be a fraction of these costs in the future. Enzolytics CEO, Charles Cotropia, believes the company may be on the cusp of offering a therapy that is much cheaper and doesn’t require a lifelong use.

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