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Maxim Research Says $4.00 Price Target

  CEO Webinar – CEO Red Chip Research Interview

Recently a 26 year old woman died from a botched epidural in a New York City hospital . For years doctors have been confronted with the not so easy task of finding that space in the spine between the supporting bones and the actual chord fluid channel . A bad epidural procedure can put the patients life in danger .

Watch This You Tube Video Interview On Cather Placement In The Spine

Milestone Scientific Inc
 has developed and patented the CompuFlo Epidural Instrument which senses pressure at the needle tip either warning the doctor he has chosen the wrong injection point or allowing the doctor to proceed . This instrument detects subtle pressure changes 4 times a second making it extremely responsive to minor pressure changes allowing the doctor to find that soft space between the bones and muscle.

Added To Russell 3000 ( R )  – MLSS NASDAQ – Biomed-Technology -Soars Into Action

Future uses of this medical device include

  Cosmetic Surgery
  Ophthalmic Injections
  Neurosurgical Injections
  Self Administered Injections
  General Medical Injections
  Intra-Articular Injections
This company is at the forefront of medical technology. Recently added to the Russell 3000 and Russell Microcap and raised $14.6 Million through a stock and warrant offering Maxim Group This company is well funded into the future .

Maxim Group places a $4.00 price target on these shares We urge serious investors to place these shares on their BUY LIST. Any move above  the $2.25 level sends these shares into BREAKOUT TERRITORY.


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