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Since the appointment of the new CEO Paul Bakajin, the company AAP, Inc. (OTC PINK: $AAPJ) has been thriving in 2021, referring to the recent takeover of a supplier’s overdue debt and a second acquisition that soon will be completed. Reason enough to conduct an exclusive interview at AAP, inc. and discuss recent developments and prospects. Don’t forget to read last week’s press release, which explains more about the latest acquisition that AAP, inc. successfully closed.

  • For those who are not (or little) familiar with AAP, Inc. (OTC PINK: $AAPJ) how can we describe your company and activities in the best way possible?

The company is now in the delinquent debt collection industry, where we buy portfolios of debt ranging from $1 million + having up to a few hundred debtors with in these portfolios. All of this is done at a very good purchase price of about 2.67% of the total debt and we are looking to settle these debts at around 10% .

  • What are the short and long term goals of AAP? And how are the short and long term goals going to separate you from the competition?

We have a knowledgeable and seasoned team to buy and settle the debts and we look forward to building a reputation for efficient and profitable work. 2021 will be a great year, significant revenues will be produced for the first time in over 9 years. A complete turn around of the company has been initiated.

  • What are the main investments/expenses that AAP has made in 2020 and how is this in contrast with the revenues? How does this add value in the (near) future?

Our Investment in 2020 in acquiring delinquent debt will provide substantial revenue and significant growth for the company in 2021, making it a viable company with a very low cost to expense ratio. 2020 was a trying year and we did great as we fixed the company and positioned ourselves to take on a new business opportunity.

  • What made the latest acquisition attractive to AAP, Inc.  What opportunities did you see and why did you decide to agree?

This last acquisition will bring solid growth and substantial revenue to the Company. The delinquent debt collection industry is growing and we continue to look for the best quality portfolios within that industry. This acquisition is just the start of an exciting future for the Company.

  • What makes the next acquisition interesting/lucrative? What potential does AAP see with this development?

The new acquisition has substantial revenues, profits, and assets and has been in business for years, making for a very exciting addition to AAP, Inc. We are all about growth and we love the opportunities that are coming our way.

  • What will be the next challenge for AAP once the second acquisition has been completed?

Maximizing our growth while continuing to manager our resources to our best advantage.

  • Since the appointment of Paul Bakajin, what have been the biggest changes at AAP and how has this proved?

2020 was a year of hard work and dedication. We moved the company from Delaware State to Wyoming State to better position the company for growth and now we know it was the smart thing to do. Also, working on getting the company current on OTC markets took a lot of time – in all, about 8 months to complete fixing the company.

  • There are many references about AAP to mainly the USA. Do you see further opportunities to do business international?

As of now, we only have a presence in the USA, but one can dream big. Maybe other areas in the world could be looked at. We are definitely open to that.

  • What can AAP share about the current financial state of the assets, income and possible debts?

We are in a great position as we have no debt and we expect excellent growth over the next few months.

  • How do your shareholders ensure that AAP have a healthy status? And how do you currently maintain connections with shareholders?

We continue to work hard. If there was ever a time to give up, 2020 would have been it. Our 2021 outlook looks very promising. Currently the best way for us to communicate with our shareholders is ether by our company email or our Twitter account @TheRealAAPJ.

  • Why should potential shareholders or investors choose  AAP, Inc.?

We believe the company has great potential and a promising future. We will continue to add growth opportunities and we have a management team that is dedicated to developing a successful company where all our hard work will pay off.

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By Omar