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PSN: As we know from recent news, AABB has released a new cryptocurrency (AABBG) backed by physical gold, with the primary goal for the token to become a worldwide standard. What was you and your companies’ biggest
motive to engage this market and make this step? 

Asia Broadband: Good question, and I am glad you asked. The key objective of the company since its inception has always been to create shareholder value, with that in mind, the company felt in need to add another element to have a competitive advantage over other junior mining companies. By creating a gold backed crypto token and allow our operations to deliver a one of a kind mine-to-token product to the market.  the AABBG token and our proprietary exchange will be a major new revenue stream for the company and the token will also create financial leverage, liquidity and monetize physical gold holdings and future gold production.

PSN: What makes AABBG tokens a better choice or investment to pick from all the other cryptocurrencies?

Asia Broadband: There are some very good reasons why AABBG token is a better choice than any other crypto currencies. number one is and most important is that the AABBG token is the only one of its kind, being the only one token backed by gold that is directly produced at the company’s gold mines.  Being backed by gold, the minimum token price will be maintained at the current spot price of gold, reducing purchaser’s investment risk.  also, the token price will rise with the price of gold and from the demand to purchase the token given its limited supply. In addition, buying the AABBG token at this early stage is a great investment particularly during the phase of the new AABBG exchange build out and the subsequent upside price potential. In general, AABB is uniquely leveraging its physical gold assets from mining production into sales of price appreciating AABBG tokens over time.

PSN: The value of gold has seen to be rising since the pandemic started, which would have led to the increase of the value of AABB’s gold token if it had existed at the time. Do you believe the gold value will increase once more in 2021?

Asia Broadband: Absolutely we believe the price of gold will increase over $2,000 to $3,000 an ounce over the next 24 months. And the rising price of gold is just the minimum company supported price of our AABBG token, which adds security to investors.  More importantly, our token price will appreciate based on its market demand and the limited supply of tokens available for purchase and exchange.

PSN: In January AABB has sold its main mining operations located in the Guerrero gold belt in Mexico for $82 million, which leads to the question, how will aabb has enough gold production to fuel their gold tokens if the demand ever got high enough?

Asia Broadband: That is correct, we are very proud of this achievement. With that sale, we obtained $30 million dollars in gold bullion, which we are currently using to back our AABBG tokens. We have only released 5.5 million tokens at this time, which is equivalent to the value of the gold bullion we are holding in our treasury. We are aggressively and strategically targeting gold mineral properties to bring into production rapidly to back any further token sales. In the event that the token demand exceeds our supply of gold, We will purchase more bullion from third party sources using proceeds from the same token sales.

PSN: Are there any means to stabilize the growth of AABB’s stock? As we have seen from AABB’s stock the rises have been quite potent and powerful in the past, but not secure.

Asia Broadband: Yes, there is. Some of the turbulence we have experienced recently with our stock price is due to the deliberate defamation attacks against the company on multiple occasions. Our legal team is working diligently on this to stop any further similar incidents in the future.  More importantly, the fundamentals of AABB stock will strengthen dramatically over time as gold holdings from production expand, substantial fee revenues from the proprietary cryptocurrency exchange are realized and the price and sales of our AABBG token increase. 

PSN: Will AABB plan to expand AABB’s economic presence internationally instead of marketing primarily only Asian markets?

Asia Broadband: AABB has a current broad market awareness in North America and Europe that has driven the initial demand and sales of our AABBG token. Our marketing campaign proliferation will expand these initial areas of demand. The second phase of marketing campaign will target Asian and Pacific Rim markets due to the huge demand and interest in gold in those areas. 

PSN: AABB has made an all-time high $16.8 million gross profits in 2020, What will the company’s current revenue and profit milestone goals for 2021?

Asia Broadband: AABB is working diligently to achieve an all-time high in sales this year in 2021.  As the company’s gold mining operations move forward rapidly and the AABBG proprietary cryptocurrency exchange launch occurs in the coming months, revenues and gross profits are expected to be strong in 2021 and surpass our previous year’s achievement.  

PSN: Are there any upcoming events or future potential shareholders should have a lookout for?

Asia Broadband: We have some very exciting new gold mine and property acquisition targets in play to look out for.  AABB is focused on rapidly moving to gold production to expand the company’s physical gold holdings. Also, the AABBG proprietary cryptocurrency exchange launch is expected in the coming months as the enhanced second version of the AABB wallet. The exchange is expected to be a tremendous revenue generator for AABB and will increase AABBG token sales and its market price. 

PSN: How will future AABBG users truly feel secured about their virtual wallets not being infiltrated by hackers? 

Asia Broadband: We are extremely confident with the capabilities of our AABB wallet and proprietary cryptocurrency exchange developer cshc. They have never had a breach of security in any of their past projects and they make security monitoring and enhancements a daily priority.

PSN: As was mentioned near the release of AABBG: “The Company is collaborating with CSHC to roll out an international marketing campaign for the AABB Gold token, AABB Wallet and development of the corporate brand. The marketing efforts are aimed to proliferate brand exposure and reputation, increase the use of the AABB Gold token and the AABB Wallet, and amplify general public and investment community awareness of the Company.”  Has there been seen a result of increase in users because of your marketing efforts?

Asia Broadband: Our AABB wallet and AABBG token marketing campaign has yet to start. However, we have seen a very steady increase in users and sales since the launch of the token due to the broad market awareness of our AABB stock. The company has been planning and preparing and is just now starting to roll out its first phase of the international marketing campaign. There is a large budget driving the wide array of marketing services being rolled out in the campaign and we expect a substantial progressive increase in AABBG users and sales over time.