Interview with CEO John D. Murphy: 

–          Who is Supurva and why did you state that the Company is well-positioned to becoming a leader in the fast-growing medical office building sector?

Supurva has made the strategic decision to focus on the acquisition of medical office properties in the United States.  It has filed a S-11 registration statement with the SEC to raise equity to acquire these properties.  Experience gained in this sector over the past 30 years will be utilized to identify properties that will provide stable predictable returns for our investors.  Having designed, built ,financed, and managed numerous medical office buildings and managed a large medical practice Supurva will be draw upon these skills and  identify those properties and hospital systems  that will add value to the properties and withstand the constant changes in the medical industry 

John D. Murphy

–          I see that you have signed four Letter of Intents this year, how are those deals going and why did you choose those particular Medical office buildings?

The due diligence phase for each of these four transactions continues. We chose these buildings based upon our investment criteria, that includes the location of the building, lease terms and conditions, the medical use, and the financial strength of the Tenant.  We also study the economic conditions of the market where these buildings are located.  We are familiar with these markets all of which have strong trends in population growth, employment, income levels, and other critical economic trends.

John D. Murphy

–          As stated in the press releases, the company has some obstacles because of the COVID-19 pandemic. How did you overcome them? and what is the future perspective when the pandemic is over?

Most all owners of real estate were affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Owners of medical properties had to work with their Tenants who faced changes in the ability to treat patients, comply with new rules and regulations and maintaining a clean and safe environment.  Patient visits were initially substantially reduced, telemedicine services had to implemented and cash flows were adversely affected.  Additional signage, restrictions, cleaning and disinfecting were added to the daily management of the properties.  Personnel needed to be trained and outfitted with protective clothing.  It was an unfamiliar environment that resulted in revenue reductions and increased costs.  Frequent contact and dialogue with Tenants provide valuable feedback and frequent adjustments were made.  In some cases, rent payments were adjusted to accommodate and help Tenants to obtain PPP loans and restore patient visits and rebuild their financial condition.  

John D. Murphy

–          What is the current financial state of Supurva and what are the benefits of your Registration statement using Form S -11?

Supurva’s Form S-11 has been filed with the SEC on a confidential basis. The Form S-11 is the form used for registration under the securities Act of 1933 of securities issued by issuers such as Supurva whose business is primarily that of acquiring and holding for investment for investment. We will be able to use substantially all the net proceeds from this offering to identify, acquire, develop or redevelop a portfolio of medical properties in the United States in accordance with our investment criteria.

John D. Murphy

–          With the upcoming shareholders meeting, what is the goal of it and what are the key talking points? You have stated that you are also building the shareholder’s value and discuss the plans for the next 12 months. Can you tell us shortly what information we can expect?

Supurva has been largely inactive and is now making a significant change in its operations.  The Company’s investors are entitled and deserving of a transparent and informative discussion of our plans, goals, and objectives. The discussion will help clarify how our plans will translate into increased shareholder value.

John D. Murphy

–          Is there anything you would like to add to this interview?

I want to thank you for this opportunity and look forward to the implementation of our strategy of investing in medical office buildings. 

John D. Murphy

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