PSN: How would you introduce Extreme Biodiesel Inc. to the public who are recently aware of your business?

A: Extreme Biodiesel, Inc., is a publicly traded company. Our symbol is XTRM.   Although our history is as a biodiesel business, we recently acquired a residential real estate construction business and have been working diligently to organize all aspects of management and operations with a view to becoming creating a significant presence in that industry.  At this time, the biodiesel aspect of the business is no longer significant.  We are currently investigating acquisition opportunities in the real estate industry. Our mission is to build a business providing cost-effective, high-quality products for the public while enhancing value for our shareholders. With our new acquisition of North Star Homes we believe we are on the right track to fulfilling that mission.

PSN: What has been the motivation for you to start a business like Extreme Biodiesel Inc.?

A: Real Estate has been a passion of mine for years. This business has given me the opportunity to assemble a team of experienced personal, all of whom I am familiar with, who are, collectively, capable of building high quality homes of lasting value while we take advantage of our outstanding management skills to build a successful company.  

PSN: What makes the high-quality home builder North Star Homes of Extreme Biodiesel Inc. different from its competition? 

A: I would say our management personnel and structure would be one area that sets us apart.  Another is attention to detail.  We are not mass producing houses.  Every home we build is a collaboration of craftsmen and our customers appreciate that quality and attention to detail.  

A reputation built on experience…

For more than 20 years, North Star Homes has created homes and communities of uncompromising quality in the Treasure Valley. 

It begins with our team of experienced building professionals. Each is a true craftsman, with an unwavering work ethic and a deep dedication to excellence in even the smallest details. The result is a home built right – and built to last. 

More than just a home…

At North Star Homes, every day is spent building comfortable, livable homes that enhance the quality of life of our customers. That’s why we give extra care and attention to developing floor plans that enrich the way we live today.

Large open kitchens. Luxurious, spa-style bathrooms. Relaxed, yet elegant living spaces. You’ll find them all – and much more – in a North Star home.

PSN: And apart from the production, in which way does the market strategy of Extreme Biodiesel Inc. differ from the competition? Or how can it be separated from others?

A: As you know, financial expertise is critical in this industry.  No matter how good a house you build, if you can’t properly manage your financial affairs you will fail.  We believe our experienced management team and associated professionals can provide exceptional legal, financial and logistical support for any operational situation. 

PSN: Extreme Biodiesel Inc. Currently you are investigating acquisition opportunities in the real estate sector. How did this turn out?

A: It is an ongoing process.  We are constantly exploring and evaluating growth or acquisition opportunities.  However, we are selective.  We are not seeking growth just for the sake of growth.  It is important retain our high quality ethics.

PSN: What are your expectations of the real estate sector in short- and long term and what opportunities are there for Extreme Biodiesel Inc.?

A: Although these are the most uncertain times I have ever seen in my lifetime, I feel very good about the future of residential real estate in general.  In addition, here in Boise, we are in the best real estate market in the United States.  We are well positioned for quality growth here in the best real estate market in the U.S.  The real estate industry right now is very stable and demand has not gone away.  Short-term, our future looks very good to me.  Likewise, our long-term prospect look good in this area.  If we expand out of this area, we will do so selectively and only after expensive research.

There are many articles that are available with the facts that Boise Idaho is in the top housing market for 2020

PSN: Which real estate projects are currently in progress? What can be told about these projects?

A:   As of now we currently have four subdivision projects, our website list information on past and current projects

New + Upcoming Projects:

Hickories End Subdivision
Only 2 homes remain and are priced in the low $500,000. This plat is in the desirable west Boise area of well established homes and only 15 minutes to downtown Boise.  The Shiloh – $534,900 + The Hawthorne – $529,900.

– Jackie Lane Subdivision in Boise
We have started construction on 6 new homes close-in to Boise ranging from $350,000 to $370,000 with completion expected in the fall.  Homes are 1600 to 2000 sq ft

San Gorgonio Sub in Meridian
3 homes under construction in the Heart of Meridian priced from $429,900. Homes to be completed in the fall. Sizes range from 2000 to 2300 sq ft

Cazador Subdivsion in Kuna
We have joined the builder team in Cazador located in the fast growing Kuna community. We will begin building 8 new homes starting at $375,000 this fall and expect completion this winter. The plat offers parks and a community pool and is close to new shopping and schools. 

– 2021 Year ahead…
We will start on a new 11 lot infill plat in west Boise with homes staring in the low $400,000’s and expect construction of the homes to begin in the spring of 2021.
We will have a huge announcement in the fall on a 214 lot plat in Caldwell with homes from the low $300,000’s.

PSN: What is the current state of the assets, income and possible debts. In other words, how healthy is Extreme Biodiesel Inc.?

A: Very healthy.  We carry little long-term debt and intend to keep it that way.  We have a variety of excellent financing resources available to us drawing on established business and personal contacts.  As we generate income we will use it to improve our asset profile, retain quality personnel and fund responsible growth.

PSN: In what way would you like to expand in the next few years? Is there something concrete or new in the pipeline?

A:  As I stated earlier, we are always exploring and evaluating opportunities, but it has to make sense.  Like any business, we intend to grow and expand as the circumstances permit.  However, I have seen too many builders expand too fast without properly managing that expansion ending in disaster.  We won’t do that.

PSN: What is the main objective of Extreme Biodiesel Inc. in the coming years? Is there anything concrete in the pipeline?

A: We are very excited about the future this is just one of many projects we are looking at in 2021 We will start on a new 11 lot infill plat in west Boise with homes staring in the low $400,000’s and expect construction of the homes to begin in the spring of 2021. We will have a huge announcement in the fall on a 214 lot plat in Caldwell with homes from the low $300,000’s.

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