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We have conducted an interview with one of my favorite companies that is listed on the OTC, HQ Global Education Inc. In the past this stock had received a lot of attention by many traders and now they are answering all their questions in this interview. We believe this company has a lot of things to offer and they are very interesting. This interview will explain everything what they do and what their future perspective is.

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PSN: How would you introduce HQGE to the public who are recently aware of your business?

A: HQ Global Education, Inc. is the parent company of its fully owned subsidiary Big M Entertainment Pictures, Inc., a full-service film and TV production company located in the heart of Los Angeles.

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PSN: What has been the motivation for you to start and own a business like HQGE?

A: HQGE’s intent is to grow its operating company Big M Entertainment Pictures, Inc., into an industry leader in the fast-growing fields of online content and micro-budget film creation. Big M Entertainment is currently engaged in a number of projects being created specifically for concurrent or integrated release both in theaters and for home viewing or on personal devices.

PSN: What’s the business strategy of HQGE to succeed in the entertainment industry, especially in Los Angeles where you are surrounded by plenty of competition?

A: Big M Entertainment will continue to tap into today’s fast-growing entertainment market by harnessing the efforts of a broad and talented base of writers, producers, directors, editors and technicians to provide complete services and assistance at every phase of film and TV content creation, including concept development, writing, editing, cinematography, visual effects and post-production

PSN: What are your expectations of the entertainment industry you are in short- and long-term?

A: History has shown that the arts in general and specifically films play an important role in times of crises like war, depression, civil unrest and now pandemic. Films can catapult viewers through these difficult times and provide society with the escapism it needs to ease the day-to-day stresses. In our current environment, smaller, more nimble production companies like Big M Entertainment that have the ability to create quality films and streaming media while following industry and governmental guidance with much smaller crews, remote filming capabilities and cutting edge animated production, have a distinct short term advantage over larger studios producing major productions using large casts, unionized crews, off-site locations and significant travel needs. Big M Entertainment is continuing all phases of its productions and in fact has actually increased its pace as much as possible in order to keep up with the large and growing demand for quality content.

Longer term, we expect some but not all major studios and cinema houses to return and likewise need more content. Studios and theaters backed by strong financial companies will eventually make a comeback, but exactly when is anyone’s guess. New industry stars will rise amidst the chaos and change, and of course the inexorable migration to more and more streaming content viewed at home and on personal devices will continue to grow.

PSN: Where does HQGE see a high potential in the entertainment industry?

A: Streaming platforms. Gaming and interactive PC platforms. Everything that is mobile and provides easy access from any location. Many more varied and targeted releases for streaming, both big and small. Virtual and augmented realities will also continue to grow over the longer term based on the availability of the required technologies for delivery and reception.

PSN: What has been the highlight or biggest success since HQGE was founded?

A: Unquestionably, the most significant success for HQGE has been the acquisition of Big M Entertainment and the appointment of its founder and industry veteran Marvin Williams as President. Marvin has a wealth of experience and knowledge in all aspects of filmmaking and also brings with him a long history or collaborations and past contractual agreements with major industry players including Disney’s Hollywood Records, Sony Pictures, Fox Studios, Trancas International Films, Lionsgate Motion Picture Group. He has also assembled a top-notch team to help lead BEMP into what we believe will be a period of explosive growth.

PSN: What consequences has HQGE experienced since the outbreak of COVID-19? And how did you respond to that?

A: Fortunately, we were “ahead of the curve” and it has not affected us to any great extent. We were already shifting our focus to the entertainment industry and specifically to the independent film and streaming niche, and we were either smart enough or lucky enough to acquire Big M Entertainment at just the right time as the pandemic was exploding here in the U.S. We believe we’re in exactly the right place at the right time.

PSN: Recently HQGE acquired Big M Entertainment Pictures. Why will this become the focal point of your business going forward?

A: As a company we have refocused our efforts and redoubled our support for our subsidiary Big M Entertainment Pictures, which is now busier than ever with a large and growing slate of films in all phases of production. The entertainment industry is currently undergoing great change and those changes point clearly in the direction where Big M Entertainment stands. We believe that focusing our resources and efforts here will not only allow us to make a significant contribution to our society today but is also the optimal way for us to maximize both short and long term returns for our shareholders.

PSN: We read that the company is also an industry pioneer in the fast-growing fields of online content and micro-budget film creation and is currently engaged in a number of projects. Why are they an industry pioneer?

You want to direct your energies toward some of the most exciting segments of the fast-growing entertainment industry. What segments should we think about and how will you excel in this?

A: Small budget productions are very hot right now and that’s where BMEP excels. Difficult societal times like these create a huge need for a “bubble of content” Escapism. Spoof. Pandemic, Apocalypse, Horror, Conspiracy. This is a bubble that may run for the next 10 years or more and Big M Entertainment is perfectly positioned to take advantage of it.

PSN: In May, Marvin Williams was appointed as the new president of the company. What makes HQGE a better company with him at the helm? Why are specifically his qualities an asset?

A: Marvin has the unique talents and abilities to create movies from start to finish and to produce quality content at a reasonable price. He is also very well connected in Hollywood circles and therefor able to draw upon a virtually unlimited talent pool to help bring his projects to fruition. Plus he has the vision to take HQGE to a fully-reporting company on the NASDAQ exchange.

PSN: Why did you enter the stock market with your company? And how do you look back on this decision?

A: To expand the business and to create value for all investors /shareholders who believe in Big M Entertainment and its vision. This is proving to be the best decision we have ever made .

PSN: If you look at the shares, you will see a peak in March/April 2020. The share currently appears to be stagnating. What are your expectations in the coming weeks/months for the shareholders?

A: Our Big M Entertainment subsidiary is currently experiencing a flurry of activity. Post- production is now finished on the eco-documentary “Trees” and negotiations are underway with multiple interested distributors of various size and scope. The feature film “Captured” is deep in production, filming right now in preparation for a planned release in Fall 2020. Preproduction is moving forward rapidly on another feature film “Rosamond”, and two more films, “Avenue M” and “Trailer” are fully scripted and will move into development in the coming weeks and months. All of this work will continue unabated, with all shooting done safely with smaller crews working shorter hours and aided by remote shooting and applied animation as needed. We will continue to keep shareholders and fans informed as these projects move toward completion.

PSN: Finally, are there other developments you would like to share with us?

A: There’s not a lot we can share at this point but we can say that we own or control two additional pieces of “Class A” Intellectual Property that have drawn interest from major studios and we are engaged in preliminary discussions on both of these regarding potential big budget productions.

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