Internet of Things Inc. (TSX VENTURE: ITT) (OTC: INOTF) (FRANKFURT: 71T) (“ITT Inc.” or the “Company“), a software and solutions provider in the artificial intelligence and industrial IoT markets, is pleased to announce the development of  a new fever-detection system called, designed to enhance public safety. ThermalPassTM will instantly screen for higher than normal body temperatures in potential carriers of Coronavirus and other fevers. The strategy is to have ThermalPass stationed at the entranceways of high-traffic, public locations to reduce the risk of spreading illness, and playing an important role in shaping our new normal and making daily life more acceptable, comfortable and safe.

Exclusive interview with Internet of Things

Firstly, how would you introduce Internet of Things Inc.?

Internet of Things: Internet of things is solutions-based company whish uses artificial intelligence, deep machine learning and proprietary datasets to provide clients with predictive and prescriptive AI solutions.

What’s your business strategy to succeed in the industry?

Internet of Things: To be the innovation leader in ai solutions, with unique selling propositions, in the following verticals; 

Fever detection system to help the economy back on to its feet in a safe and comfortable way whilst preventing the spread of contagions. This will be accomplished with our ThermalPass product which boasts its distinctive competencies in areas of accuracy, privacy and data collection. 

Predictive weather data providing for efficiencies, cost savings and public safety. Our Alert Fleet product has been engineered to provide hazard alerts to drivers providing advanced warnings of dangerous road conditions ahead in real time.

Retail recognition AI which  provides object tracking, heat mapping, emotive sentiment data and other human behavioural data for stores to have a better understanding of what drives their sales, how to manage inventory better, improved merchandising and employee compliance. 

Waste management sensor driven efficiencies to optimize management whilst minimizing expenses related to labour, fuel & insurance  

Regarding the previous question;
What are your expectations of the industry you are in short- and long-term?

Internet of Things: Our short-term goals (Q3) are to hit substantial sales with our ThermalPass and Alert Fleet products in NA and globally. Our long-term goals are to integrate further improved generations of the ThermalPass and Alert Fleet whilst driving revenues through our established sales channels in Sensor Waste Management and retail Recognition AI products.

Your most recent product is the ThermalPass;
How did you come up with this idea?

Internet of Things: Innovation born out of necessity! The economy needs to return to normal. For this to happen, people need to have the assurance that they are going into public spaces with confidence that the spread of contagions are being mitigated. ThermlaPass provides this comfort level in an accurate, safe, and unobtrusive manor allowing people to preserve their anonymity.

How would you like to introduce this product to us?

Internet of Things: I would be happy to conduct a live presentation via zoom or in a social distance forum, citing our corporate deck, press releases and recent media coverage

Who searches on the internet can find equal infrared detection systems;
Why should people choose your product? What are its special features?

Internet of Things: Most competitors are camera based technologies which encroach on personal privacy (showing the individual identity), defy social distancing (by having a person hold a camera to your head), require people to stop to take a reading and are not as accurate as our solution. Our ThermalPass solution is made up of various thermal medical grade sensors which are more accurate as they take 20 readings per second, do not require a person anywhere near the device thus preserving one’s anonymity whilst keeping social distancing and people can pass through our ThermalPass without slowing down.  

Besides thermal imaging;
Are you planning to implement more data in the Thermal Pass over time?

Internet of Things: We will be able to collect data sets on time splicing, number of users, how many had fevers and how many did not. We will likely add other components in gen 2 such as metal detection and other datasets but in keeping with privacy protection

What is your market strategy that will lead to success with the ThermalPass?

Internet of Things: We have been inundated with requests for ThermalPass units and we have not started marketing yet. We have an extensive B2B marketing plan which focuses on targeting various industries who have identified themselves already but the demand is so high that, from what we have experienced so far with pre orders starting next week, we do not anticipate having to pull the trigger on the marketing plan. We have been contacted by long term care facilities, office building management firms, factories, stadiums, malls, retail chains, restaurants chains and other public spaces

Who can buy the ThermalPass and when will it be available?

Internet of Things: Pre-Sales commence June 12

With the global crisis in which we find ourselves;
What are your expectations with the COVID-19?

Internet of Things: Whether Corvid 19 remains an issue long term or not, it has impacted everyone in such a way that people will be concerned about how they enter public spaces for a long time to come. Our society has changed forever. ThermalPass is a long-term solution in a post Covid world for years to come. 

To what extent does the COVID-19 influence your company?

Internet of Things: It is the impetus for the ThermalPass…Innovation born out of necessity. That said, if Covid was whipped out tomorrow, people have been reprogrammed and reconditioned to keep social distance, take extra precaution, and conduct themselves differently when approaching a public space scenario. Nobody wants a repeat or new contagion. Therefore, exercising caution using mitigating tools is going to be the new norm whether in a change room at a store, entering a sports event or concert, going to school or even to work.

What potential does the ThermalPass have on the market ‘after’ the pandemic?

Internet of Things: Addressed above…Thermal Pass is here to stay. After 911 much more serious security measures were taken and are still in place almost two decades later. We expect the same with respect to our current environment. 

Finally, are there other developments you would like to share with us?

Internet of Things: As we are going to market now, we will be announcing exciting new developments as they come to fruition; added technology, partnerships, and customer developments

About Internet of Things Inc. (TSX VENTURE: ITT) (OTC: INOTF) (FRANKFURT: 71T):
Internet of Things Inc. is a technology company that solves complex challenges using advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning and data science techniques. The Company collects and interprets information from disparate sources to develop actionable predictive and prescriptive applications which enable companies to make better business decisions yielding greater results. Our solutions are used by global automakers and U.S. government institutions and can be applied to a wide range of industry verticals, including insurance, logistics, fleet management, agriculture, retail and public safety. Based in Toronto, Canada, the Company owns Weather Telematics Inc. and has a joint venture channel partnership with Shanghai New Hope Data Technology Co. Ltd.

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