PSN: We would like to start this interview with a short introduction about Reliant Holdings Inc. for those who are recently aware of your company.

A: Reliant Pools is our flagship company, through that homeowners have come to expect reliability, quality, and customer service that won’t be surpassed by anyone in the Austin Tx area. Reliant Pools is committed to building the most spectacular swimming pools in Central Texas. With over 40 years of combined building experience, we have a long track record of creating superb pool designs that homeowners fall in love with. Moving forward we expect Reliant Custom Homes and other acquisitions to increase our bottom line.

PSN: What has been the biggest achievement or most remarkable highlight since the founding of Reliant Holdings Inc.?

A: Reliant Pools continues to grow year after year at an incredible rate. We recorded our best year yet in 2019 with the past year seeing record-breaking revenues for the company.

PSN: In addition to benefiting from the expansion of Austin as one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, what other factors have led to the contemporary success of Reliant Holdings Inc.?

A: The quality of work and the customer service has allowed Reliant Pools to attract more business from referrals from satisfied customers than marketing.

PSN: First Reliant Pools LLC was founded. It has grown into several different companies like Reliant Pools Inc., Reliant Custom Homes and Reliant Pool Services. Why and how did this transition happen?

A: Reliant Holdings was and still is  currently looking for business that can complement the core pool business. Our goal continues to be to work diligently on building new relationships and opportunities for the company.

PSN: Reliant Holdings Inc. is positioned to generate a consistent long-term growth opportunity for investors. What can you tell us about the approach that sets you apart from the competition?

A: Reliant Pools has been the flagship since inception, with that we are trying to establish other avenues of revenue for our shareholders that complement the core business: ie, the pool services division. We are currently working on the homes division that will add tremendously to the bottom line, taking part in the growth of central Texas.

PSN: Reliant Holdings Inc. does business in building and modifying houses, building swimming pools and providing professional cleaning services. In which activities do you see the greatest potential?

A: The custom home division will continue to add a large revenue stream for the bottom line in the years to come.

PSN: How would Reliant Holdings Inc. like to expand its current business? Is there something concrete in the pipeline?

A: Reliant is adding additional sales representatives and project managers to add to the continued growth of the pool division. With that said, the custom home division is just launching. 

PSN: Are there opportunities or advancement opportunities for Reliant Holdings Inc. by adding another market to the current business?

A: Reliant is in talks with other businesses to acquire that can add to the core business of the holding company.

PSN: Who are the biggest customers of Reliant Holdings Inc. at the moment?

A: Central Texas consumers.

PSN: Why do you mainly focus on the market in the United States? What do you think of doing more international business?

A: At the moment, Reliant Holdings is local and looking to grow regionally and then nationally.

PSN: What has Reliant Holdings Inc. experienced since the outbreak of COVID-19? And how did it affect the business?

A: Since the COVID outbreak, the business has never been better. More people at home want to improve their quality of life and are looking for something to beat the heat and for the kids to do. Since then, the phones have not stopped ringing.

PSN: Why did Reliant Holdings Inc. enter the stock market? And what were the consequences?

A: The growth potential of the company is tremendous and the ability to grow quickly as a public company will add to the shareholder value.

PSN: If you look at the share, we see an impressive rise in January 2020. Unfortunately, it couldn’t maintain this position, especially in March and July 2020. What are your expectations for the rest of the year?

A: We believe we have a strong, long-term shareholder base and the price will continue to grow as the company does.

PSN: Finally, is there anything else that you would like to highlight about Reliant Holdings Inc.?

A: Reliant Holdings is a solid company with a great track record and ability to constantly grow through the years. We look forward to the share price growing as the company continues to grow with the new avenues of revenue added.

Home Improvement Company – Pools – Expands As Covid Sends City Dwellers To Suburbs

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