Intercept Music, Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Sanwire Corp, Adds Physical Distribution Through Retail Giants Amazon and Walmart

LOS ANGELES, June 25, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Intercept Music, Inc. (“Intercept”), wholly owned subsidiary of Sanwire Corporation, (“Sanwire” or “the  Company”) (OTC: SNWR) announced today that it has now added physical music distribution through major retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, and, FYE to its growing services for independent artists.

Sanwire Corporation

PennyStocks.News did some research on Sanwire corporation and with today’s news it became really interesting. They have added physical music attribution to many big retailers as Walmart and Amazon. But who is Sanwire corporation and what are they doing exactly? We conducted an interview with Sanwire Corporation so we understand what they are doing in the music industry and what differentiates them from the competition.

Exclusive interview with Sanwire Corp.

Firstly, how would you introduce Sanwire Corporation?

Sanwire Corporation: Sanwire Corporation is a technology aggregator. We look for opportunities in fragmented markets, where technology can be applied to consolidate services into a single platform of delivery. Our current focus is advanced entertainment technologies for the music industry. We  believe our involvement with Intercept Music is an opportunity to change the industry, and we are totally dedicated to it.

What’s your business strategy to succeed in the industry?

Sanwire Corporation: We provide value by offering consolidated services in a streamlined platform. Right now in the music industry, there are multiple revenue streams such as streaming, licensing (to film and TV for example), merchandising, advertising revenue from YouTube, Facebook and Instagram, and more. With 100,000 new songs per day on Spotify, it takes serious marketing skills in social media, PR, playlists, reviews, videos and paid advertising just to get noticed.  For independent artists who don’t have the backing of a label, this is a huge range of responsibilities to master. We deliver value to the independent artist market through automation. That means artists can focus on making music while we make sure they earn as much as possible.

Regarding the previous question;
What are your expectations of the industry you are in short- and long-term?

Sanwire Corporation: The two largest sources of revenue for artists were concerts and merchandise. Concerts have died, and it’s crushing artists. Big concerts are being scheduled for the summer 2021, a year out.  Small venues may never come back at all – at 50% capacity it’s very hard to make money. 

So that leaves merchandise. We are creating artist-branded online retail stores where they can sell custom merchandise with the band look and logo. Intercept Music handles all the inventory, sales and logistics, and the artist collects the revenue (with a nominal share going to us).  In the short term, we’ll continue to see a flood of new music. Spotify’s volume has doubled in the last 90 days.  Artists who can’t perform live will write more music and try to perform online.  We’ll see more focus on the business of music – artists getting their house in order because they have time.  We hear that every day, as artists realize they have to take control to succeed. We’ll continue to see artists come up with creative ways to engage with their fans.

In the long term, big concerts will come back, but we’ll continue to see more live concerts online, with new, creative forms of payments – Patreon, TipJar, or tied to merchandise sales.  Artists are recognizing they don’t need to be tied to a label anymore to get the services they need. The marketplace is only getting more and more crowded, so artists need to stand apart not only with their music but with a comprehensive business plan to gain revenue at every opportunity.

What practical example can you give showing that this is a successful formula?

Sanwire Corporation: In the last 18 months, pure distributors like TuneCore and CDBaby have started adding other services. They have a different model than we do, so they’re limited, but they are looking for ways to expand revenue and engage their artists.  On the other end of the spectrum, Warner Music Group purchased music-merchandise maker EMP Merchandising for $180MM, and eOne Entertainment and Empire Distribution have made merchandise company acquisitions in the last 18 months.  All these indicate the importance of owning the merchandise channel relating to music. 

Your most recent acquisition is the Music label: Art is War Records
Why did you guys match?

Sanwire Corporation: AIW Records was founded by Lucas Joyner. He is an artist first, and a business manager and label after that. When we met AIW, we realized their vision was aligned with ours, and they were providing some of the same services to their artists – a roster of about 20 emerging and established acts. Lucas has the vision and we offered the ability to combine his ideas and hard work with our platform, automate their processes and deliver it on a scale much bigger than AIW could handle alone. 

What is Intercept Music Inc. and why is it innovative?

Sanwire Corporation: Intercept Music is a company centered around the needs of independent artists working today. We’re unique in that we provide a full suite of services for the independent artist that connects distribution, marketing and sales. We want to provide an efficient and elegant solution for artists who want to get back to making music and don’t want to focus on the specialized operations of earning revenue through music. We do that through proven, rock-solid software that has been used at enterprise level by thousands of companies, and through the guidance of music industry professionals who have earned the respect and recognition of the entire industry.

Who are your competitors with the same business formula?

Sanwire Corporation: There are no competitors who offer the same scope of services and the same formula as Intercept Music. Major music labels like Warner, Universal and Sony offer the full suite of services Intercept does, but their formula is human-based and they can’t scale it.  There are other competitors who offer some of our services. For example, Distro Kid, CD Baby, TuneCore, and AWAL all offer some services that overlap with our offering. Intercept’s most distinguishing feature is that distribution, marketing and sales together into a single automated platform.  This saves the artist a ton of time and money while ensuring they are doing all the right things. Coupled with our on-demand coaching by industry professionals, there is no equivalent.

How do you scout individual artists and how do they find Intercept Music Inc.

Sanwire Corporation: We don’t necessarily scout artists.  We are looking for those who are emerging and talented, and we offer them a plan to grow their act, from distribution alone, to do-it-yourself automated software, through label services as they master aspects of their careers. Labels do some of the filtering, and can indicate an artist with promise, but we can deliver more than labels. With only 5,000 out of 12 million artists getting label deals, there is plenty of room for us to help them.  

Who is Alfredo ‘’Chino’’ Moreno and Mr. Tanto Irie? And why are they chosen to be the ambassador for Intercept Music Inc.

Sanwire Corporation: All of our dozen-plus ambassadors are established leaders of their segment of the music industry. Chino Moreno is a music impresario of Latin America across a range of roles, including radio host, television host, producer, and performer, and his name recognition and appeal throughout Latin America gives Intercept Music a valuable boost in public image. Similarly, Tanto Irie is a longtime reggae/tropical music radio host, promoter, and producer, who likewise has near-universal recognition in the reggae world. His reputation lends immediate credibility to Intercept among tropical artists. Other ambassadors in rock, pop, country, and jazz genres provide the same sort of visibility among artists in those genres, as well.  

What is the future for Sanwire Corporation and is there anything you would like your shareholders to know about?

Sanwire Corporation: Regarding the investment in Intercept Music, Sanwire is all-in for the music space, and totally focused right now on the many opportunities we have in music through Intercept Music. The trends in the music industry that give rise to Intercept in the first place – decline of the label system, increased importance of social media marketing, merchandise revenue – are only getting stronger over time, and go to our advantage more and more. All indicators are that we are in an ideal position as the industry continues to shift, and we are approaching the market landscape in a more comprehensive way than anyone else.  The market is responding positively and we are receiving calls from well-known artists every day simply by word of mouth and before doing any marketing.  As long as we continue to provide value for them, working with these artists, particularly in the PLUS program, creates a steady, long-term flow of income for the artist and Intercept as we guide them through the process to success.

About Intercept Music, Inc.

Intercept Music, Inc. is an entertainment technology company dedicated to helping independent artists effectively distribute, market, and monetize their music. Sold through a Software as a Service (Saas) model, Intercept’s online platform delivers an unsurpassed combination of marketing, promotion, and distribution to hundreds of stores worldwide and every major streaming service, including Apple Music, Google Music, Pandora and Spotify. Intercept’s options include full-service, concierge-style support and even one-on-one coaching from award-winning music industry professionals.  Intercept focuses exclusively on the independent music market, which is estimated at 12 million artists, and is the fastest-growing sector of the music industry. For more information, visit

About Sanwire Corporation
Sanwire Corporation (OTC: SNWR), a diversified company with a focus on technologies for the entertainment industry, has been involved in aggregating technologies for a number of years. We look for opportunities in fragmented markets, where technology can be applied to consolidate services into a single platform of delivery. Our current focus is advanced entertainment technologies. For more information, visit

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