Highlighted questions:

 PSN: Suntex Enterprises (OTC Pink: SNTX) is expected to do well in the markets. Could you describe to us your company and the following activities for the interested people that are not familiar with the company?

  – Suntex is a CBD company. The company started with a single product, Pumped Fitness CBD. It is a water-based, CBD-infused beverage that is packaged in a unique dumbbell shaped bottle. We have recently acquired a products-based CBD company called Budding Botanicals. We will be actively seeing other acquisition targets with the intention of making Suntex a complete and full-service CBD company.

PSN: What is the company’s key driving force or motivation to conduct future activities?

        – Quality growth. Through development and acquisition, Suntex is expanding its market share and revenues.

PSN: How is the current financial state of assets, revenue, income, and possible debts of Suntex Enterprises looking like?

      – Suntex is fortunate to have very little debt. Growth is financed organically for the most part. We expect revenues to grow exponentially for the next few years.

PSN: What are the upcoming short- and long-term goals of Suntex Enterprises?

     – Suntex is creating a strong following online on the site www.buddingbotanicalsca.com and through multiple retail locations in the short term. In the long-term run, the company will be expanding its product line through product development and acquisitions. We aim to create a powerful force in the industry.

PSN: How did Suntex Enterprises get associated with Pumped Fitness CBD?

     – Pumped Fitness CBD was acquired by Suntex about a year ago. The company decided that moving into the CBD market would be a good long-term strategy. Pumped Fitness CBD was the perfect acquisition target.

PSN: How does the acquisition of Budding Botanicals and its product line reap rewards for the shareholders of Suntex Enterprises?

     – Suntex is very excited about the acquisition of Homestead Body Works. Their product line, Budding Botanicals, greatly expands the product lines and revenues available to Suntex. More revenues mean more profit and more ability to expand and grow.

PSN: How do you think the pandemic’s current state will affect Suntex Enterprises?

        – The pandemic has not hindered the growth of Suntex. In some ways, it has aided the company. People are far more health-conscious nowadays. CBD products allow people to live a much healthier lifestyle. Also, being able to order products online grants people access to products without leaving the safety of their homes.

PSN: Is there anything that has not been discussed in this interview about Suntex enterprises that you would like to share with us?

     – Suntex will be growing aggressively for the next twelve months. We are excited about the future.

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