Breakout Stocks   Corona Virus Stocks recently interviewed the CEO of The Now Corporation ($NWPN) to see where the company stands and what its ambitions are. How has the COVID-19 pandemic been handled? And what is on the program for the short and long term? Read the exclusive interview below. An extra article about this matter will follow shortly on our website.

PSN: What is the short and long term goal for The Now Corporation? And how are you going to accomplish this?

TNC: The Now Corporation is a publicly traded, bio-pharmaceutical research company committed to advancing the science of cannabis research. With a focus on developing plant-derived cannabinoid pharmaceutical products, our mission is to improve the health and wellness of patients worldwide. We are building a dynamic, innovative and forward-looking research, development, education, and testing company serving the fast growing cannabis industry across the US and Canada.

In the short term, we have created agreements with top research scientists from major Universities and have utilized their existing labs to perform expensive research using cannabinoid compounds which are in cannabis plants. From the research, we will be able to publish research white papers that will contain credible data from these research laboratories. As a result, the information that we publish will start to establish increased credibility in the industry, and will allow our products to be prescribed by physicians since they will be able to access the information in their databases. These studies will answer many questions and stop false data and rumors about CBD/THC derived from cannabis, and the effects on the human body.

In the long term, we desire to have an FDA approved medicine that focuses on nausea and other ailments. Due to the FDA approval, it will be available for pharmacies to dispense, and will be on the approved list for insurance companies to pay for. Ultimately, we will pursue patenting the compound on a molecular level, similar to Pfizer’s patent on the drug, Viagra.

PSN: As CBD becomes legal and more available across the US, more government regulation is inevitable. How will The Now Corporation respond to this matter?

TNC: After spending five years leading public companies in the Legal Marijuana Industry, three decades of Advanced Technology Engineering, and as an Executive for multimillion dollar brands, I know what truly drives business.

On November 19, 2019, The FDA warned 15 companies for illegally selling various products containing cannabidiol as the agency details safety concerns. Violations include marketing unapproved new human and animal drugs, selling CBD products as dietary supplements, and adding CBD to human and animal foods. Through our research, we will address the safety concerns by performing rigorous testing of CBD compounds. By publishing a scientific white paper based on the study, it will allow the FDA to review the information and have credible data to make concrete rulings. The Federal Government needs to have data before changing any laws.

PSN: While the CBD products are flooding the market and CBD becomes more available across the US. How does The Now Corporation make it stand out from the competition?

TNC: We will have a scientifically tested product. The existing products that are available on the market are not safe. For example, what is the safe dosing for CBD’s in the human body? What is the effectiveness rate when humans consume CBD, and how much can a human take before it becomes toxic to the body? The Federal government, along with State governments must find out this answer before deeming it safe. Our research does not start at the plant, we will also research air, soil, and water, from a seed genetic level up to a mature plant.

PSN: What can be said about the partnerships The Now Corporation currently has? And why have they turned out to be so important?

TNC: The Now Corporation leverages its assets and equity holdings/stakes of other companies which engages in medical and recreational marijuana, technology development, oil fabrication, exploration and extraction, and education.

As an example, we own 26% of Transglobal Assets Inc. ($TMSH), which has a CBD drink. This partnership allows us to validate and certify the product for its ingredients, and safety. We have strategic technology partners that can assist and utilize the most advanced technology available today.

PSN: How would The Now Corporation likes to expand its current business? Is there something concrete in the pipeline like a subsidiary or cooperation?

TNC: Please review the following press release which shows one possible avenue to expansion:

In the pipeline, we are trying to work with both NASA and SpaceX for our research initiatives. Concerning NASA, we would like to utilize the International Space Station for unique discoveries of how CBD and THC reacts using animal testing. Cells tend to have a different effects in zero gravity. Concerning SpaceX, they are aggressive in taking humans to space, for long extended times, and eventually to Mars. Through our research initiatives, the creation of an organic CBD nausea drug would be safe and beneficial for astronauts.

PSN: What is the current state of the assets, income and possible debts. In other words, how healthy is The Now Corporation?

TNC: The Now Corporation is fully current with OTC Markets Group Inc.

We have substantial assets with which to create income. However, to gather these assets and our exceptional team, we incurred debt. However, once we become more established, we expect to a settle a significant portion of that.

PSN: What has The Now Corporation experienced since the outbreak of COVID-19? And how did it affect the business?

TNC: My wife and I had friends and family that had the virus and it is devastating health wise. We provided care and ran errands for the last few months that we will continue to do. The virus directly affected the business, because attorneys and financial institutions had to scale back and changed the way they do business, which introduced a level of slowness that we were unprepared for.

PSN: Why did The Now Corporation enter the stock market? And how do you look back on this decision and its progress?

TNC: I’m the CEO and Managing Director, also serving as Brand and Marketing Strategist. After spending five years leading public companies in the Legal Marijuana Industry, three decades of Advanced Technology Engineering, and as an Executive for multimillion dollar brands, I know what truly drives business. It’s how well you connect with the public to help and communicate for understanding. I have excellent strategic planning and corporate execution skills. Being listed on the stock market allows us to express clearly and directly to the shareholders and investors what we are doing and where we are going. These efforts will allow us to raise monies to fund projects since performing research is expensive.

PSN: If you look at the share, then we see impressive rises followed by a somewhat roller coaster effect throughout the year 2020. What are your expectations for the rest of the year?

TNC: I do not like to comment on the share price but I am working fourteen hours a day for seven days a week building this company. My dedication is second to none. The presidential election will determine a lot as it will remove various uncertainties for the company as well as for the industry as a whole.

PSN: Finally, is there anything that we didn’t mention about The Now Corporation that you would like to point out to us?

TNC: I am extremely excited to see RBA Pharma Inc. go public. We expect it to be extremely well received in the marketplace.

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By Omar