Genius Brands International ($GNUS) is a NASDAQ listed entertainment company resulting from a merger between A₂ Entertainment and Genius Brands. Its specialization is the creation and licensing of animated entertainment content for children where educational content forms the basis. The team consists of experienced and passionate professionals, including sales, licensing, marketing and business development managers, as well as Emmy Award-winning directors and producers. In short, the goal is to deliver child-friendly content to as many channels and platforms worldwide as possible. All this is offered free of charge to millions of families worldwide. Today, Genius Brands wants to expand a wide range of consumer products based on the characters from the animated series.

Adding more providers and child-friendly content

Besides the various successful animated series, Genius Brands is also proud owner of Kartoon Channel!, a family entertainment channel that can be viewed worldwide via cable, satellite or AVOD and OTT platforms. Some providers are well-known like: Youtube, ROKU, Amazon Fire, Android App, IMDBtv, Xumo and Dish. The channel is characterized by smart and safe content, allowing children to watch TV in an educational way. There’s no violence, negative stereotypes, inappropriate language and excessive commercialisation. To guarantee this, in consultation with Stanfort University Professor Emeritus Don Roberts, a leading researcher of children’s media has conducted research into how content can be positive and educational.

Genius Brandt expands to Apple iOS and has a new children’s entertainment series in pre-production

As of this week, Genius Brands has announced that Apple iOS is joining the Kartoon Channel! providers. The channel has been positively received by the iOS users, because within the first 24 hours ‘the single day company’ breaks download records and has established itself in the top 10 of free applications for children. It was even temporarily ranked above Disney+ in the list for media channels. With a size of only 23 MB, it can be easily and quickly downloaded from the Apple Store to a smart device. Users are satisfied with the app according to the current reviews. With a score of 4.9 stars the app has an almost perfect score. Reviews on other platforms are also mostly positive. Now that many schools are closed with the COVID-19 and several regions have a holiday period, the launch of a free and also C-urated Content channel in the Apple Store for children is the right timing.

In order not to lose current users, new content is added regularly. The launch of a new children’s entertainment series, Stan Lee’s Superhero Kindergarten, is expected in Q1 2021. It’s a comedy adventure series. Attention has also been paid to a special camera mode with filter options, so that children can watch Kartoon Channel! in a safe and healthy way for a longer time.

Not everything is always so rosy

Despite a recent change in the month of July, the share is not rebounding. At the beginning of June 2020 it experienced an explosive increase from $2.05 (Friday, 29 May) to $11.73 (Wednesday, 3 June) per share. This was the highest point in the last five years. Big news was announced by Genius Brands and investors were enthused and impressed by some operational developments. Kartoon Channel! would be broadcast on the Prime streaming service of and toy manufacturer Mattel would develop toys to be offered in Walmart starting in early August. Due to a lack of clarity about these developments, several analysts were not positive about the Genius Brands, causing the share to drop back to where it started earlier in June. As a result, the share fell to $1.68 per share. It remains to be seen what the announcement of a new children’s animated series and the launch of Kartoon Channel! on iOs adds value to the business.

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By Omar