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GEVO (NASDAQ:GEVO) Looks Ready to Soar after Q1 Earnings Reports and Recent Success with Net Zero 1 and the RNG Project.

Gevo Inc. works at reducing greenhouse gas emissions with sustainable alternatives, and they are commercializing the next generation of biofuels with diesel, gasoline, and jet fuel that have the potential to achieve zero carbon emissions.  They have recently had several successes with this strategy.

BREAKING NEWS: CW Petroleum Corp (CWPE): Reports 60% Increase in Product Sales for 2020 with Revenue of $7.0 Million

Gevo uses low-carbon renewable resource-based carbohydrates as raw materials and is developing renewable electricity and renewable natural gas for use in production processes, resulting in low-carbon fuels with substantially reduced carbon intensity. This year alone they have announced several exciting developments on this front.

In January 2021 Gevo announced the plans for its innovative Net Zero 1 Project in South Dakato.  This project is expected to produce energy rich hydrocarbons that when burned for transportation have a net zero carbon footprint.  This fuel will be used by jets and as gasoline.  In addiction green hydrogen will be turned into electricity.  Amid todays climate of environmental awareness this green energy project is a stand out.

BREAKING NEWS: CW Petroleum Corp (CWPE): Reports 60% Increase in Product Sales for 2020 with Revenue of $7.0 Million

In May 2021, Total Cray Valley and Gevo Inc. announced the successful completion of phase 1 of their joint agreement to upgrade fuel oils into renewable isoamylene.  Phase 2 of this agreement will allow for a ramp up of Gevo’s technology at a demonstration scale.  Isoamylene is used in a diverse set of applications that includes resins, pesticides, flavors and fragrances, pharmaceuticals, healthcare products, adhesives and UV stabilizers.  The success of using biobased isomylenes and products like resins is the equal to 2’5 pounds of biogenic CO2 from the atmosphere.  

If the technology can be built to scale than the commercialization of the technology would provide the US market with the first renewable source of isomylenes in the world’   

Gevo also announced that its new renewable natural gas RNG project has started in Iowa and the plant is scheduled to start producing by early 2022.  This should add $9 million to its annual revenue by 2022.

On May 13th Gevo reported its Q1 earnings and the stock rallied after being down nearly 70% in February.  It appears investors are paying attention to what Gevo is doing in its partnerships and new technological innovations at these plants.

BREAKING NEWS: CW Petroleum Corp (CWPE): Reports 60% Increase in Product Sales for 2020 with Revenue of $7.0 Million

It’s easy to see why investors are paying attention to Gevo and how big a player in the green energy sector they might become in the near future.

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