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With the appointment of the new CEO James C. DiPrima, the innovative and climate conscious company Green Stream Holdings Inc. (OTCMKTS: GSFI) wants to make significant progress this year by fulfilling its short-term mission: providing roofs in high-density districts of New York with solar panels from 50,000 to 100,000 square feet. A very challenging but lucrative area, where electricity costs are high and neighborhood participation is necessary if they want the solar energy projects to succeed

With over 40 years of experience in finance and accounting in both the public and private sectors, welcoming new CEO James C. DiPrima is seen as a victory. Since 1995, DiPrima has been active within several listed companies and is described as the perfect candidate with extensive experience within the public market space and solar industry. Previously, DiPrima was the CEO of PAO Group, Inc. and has also served as CFO for Solar Integrated Roofing, Inc. – a publicly traded company providing residential solar energy solutions in California.

The roofs of the city that never sleeps can be the next gold

Green Stream Holdings gives shareholders the confidence by letting its actions speak for themselves. There is a lot of potential in the solar market which is expected to grow at 20% per year, which according to the latest calculations, represents a market value of more than $220 billion by 2026. Therefore, the company is now preparing several NE solar energy projects. These are intended for new production space, with the new headquarters moving to 160 Imlay Street, Brooklyn, in order to operate more quickly and efficiently in the new hometown.

The company’s initiatives include the implementation of a rooftop photovoltaic system that provides a minimum of 300-450 kW of electrical Photo Voltic Power. It uses an estimated 1000-1440 panels, which equates to approximately 22,000 square feet of space on the property. In collaboration with Morali Architects, they will design, build and install (or retrofit) the property, with the aim of reducing the property’s ecological footprint and significantly increasing its value.

As New York communities offer upfront cash, Green Stream Holdings sees great potential at 160 Imlay Street and similar projects. In addition, the restrictions for outdoor structures in New York and the surrounding area have been lifted. As soon as the necessary permits are received, the solar energy projects will start immediately. This model should eventually be deployed nationwide, resulting in millions of dollars in annual revenue with long-term contractual obligations. The company refers to a period of approximately 25 years.

Earlier, Governor Cuomo said New York will continue to be a leader in developing large-scale renewable energy projects, with both the environmental and economic benefits not going unnoticed. In addition, these projects will also create a significant number of new jobs in the sector.

The Green Stream Holdings philosophy

For the solar energy projects, the income from direct sales to building owners will achieve a return of 15% to 20% in about 20 years. While doing so, the company typically retains 80% of the customer’s significant savings.

In addition to the further introduction of solar energy, the company focuses on increasing value for the shareholders. Green Stream Holdings wants to achieve this by forging essential partnerships with large investment groups, brokers and private investors. The vision behind this is to take advantage of a variety of unique investment opportunities in the commercial solar energy markets.

In its first year, Green Stream Holdings plans to invest more than $5,000,000 in financing power purchase agreements with nonprofits and municipal organizations with a 12% return on investment from selling power to school buildings in major New York City districts, who have already expressed interest in partnering with the company.

The numbers speak volumes

Since the beginning of this month, the stock has risen sharply, more than doubling its value in less than a week. The stock was still valued at $0.14 on Friday morning, February 5, 2021. The stock is now valued at $0.34 (with a peak of $0.35 earlier today). There is no decline yet and it appears that the recent developments of Green Stream Holdings have not gone unnoticed.

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