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Green Stream Holdings Inc. ($GSFI) is a well-established company focusing on potential markets exploiting renewable and solar energy in several US states. The company is receiving more attention today as it provided a corporate update to shareholders and other interested parties. Green Stream remains committed to its goal of becoming a market leader in the solar energy business and urban agriculture sector.

How Green Stream wants to become successful

The company’s market strategy focuses on several states and local cities in the US with energy costs in excess of $0.08 per kilowatt. The reason for this is that with these costs a higher Return on Investment (ROI) will be received, which means the efficiency of the investment can be assessed. Projects in which Green Stream wants to specialize are sustainable energy projects, including urban garden projects with solar greenhouses on the roofs. The philosophy behind the projects is that surplus power is supplied back to the electricity grid, resulting in utilities and also generating a nice cash flow.

In the short term, 50,000 up to 100,000 square feet of roofs in New York will be supplied with energy of Green Stream for solar panels. The potential of this project lies in the high return thanks to the income from direct sales to building owners. Green Stream expects to generate returns of 15% up to 20% over a period of 20 years. The idea of these projects is to let everyone win who is involved. The facility owners will receive lease payments as compensation for the installation of the system and solar energy collection, while Green Stream will manage more space on the roofs, overpasses and other critical areas that are not being used.

What makes this project interesting is how the system will be tied directly to the utility grid, bypassing any on-site meters. All of the power produced by the system can be credited to any individual utility customer – at zero cost – instant savings. Where the savings will be credited to the individual customers bill for around 20 years.

In other potential markets, the company engages customers through leases for solar infrastructure, next-gen batteries and PPAs (Purchase Power Agreements). A nice observation here is that the company usually retains 80% of the savings of the customers.

Using the critical spaces to its full potential is where Green Stream’s strength lies. They understand that together you are stronger, that’s why they want to increase the value of the company for shareholders by focusing on new partnerships in the coming years. Potential partners include: investment groups, brokers and private investors. The aim is to take advantage of a variety of valuable investment opportunities in the commercial solar energy markets.

Special features under the flag of Green Stream

Another fact that is special about Green Stream, is existing partnership with a world famous architect, Antony Morali. Thanks to this important collaboration, Green Stream not only supplies cost-effective clean, green energy. It also pays attention to elegantly designed solar energy collection architecture, which is being introduced into the public face of cities, such as New York.

The company further propagates the sustainable profile with its Solar Greenhouses, which transform underused space into sustainable inner-city farms and roof gardens. This is used to promote better health and well-being in densely populated cities. The Community Solar Project is an important part of Green Stream’s potential as a business, which has been created to provide more access to locally produced, organically grown products.

A fully reporting corporate entity

This year, Green Stream filed its first 10-Q and 10-K while shareholders have received audited financial statements. In addition to filing audited financial records, Green Stream management has also filed a Form 10 with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and has begun filing audited financial statements on EDGAR. Also a Reg A has been filed for completion in the near future, along with an S-1 filing. Today, the company announced that it has filed a statement of offer on Form 1-A with the SEC to launch a regulation, a public offering.

This step is essential, according to an announcement from Madeline Cammarata, CEO and President of Green Stream. The company can now be seen as a fully reporting corporate entity, causing the focus to shift to executing the business plan for the benefit of the shareholders. Earlier figures from a report published by Allied Market Research show that the global renewable energy market will grow significantly in the next few years. The global solar market itself will grow with more than 300% till 2026, with a total estimated value of $223.3 billion. Based on the figures, Green Stream seems to have entered a very potential market that could be interesting for shareholders in the years to come.

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