The coronavirus pandemic has not only unleashed disruptions on all walks of life but also wrecked economies and resulted in significant turmoil in the stock market. In such a situation, investors need to be clever with their investments and look for stocks that have made significant gains despite the condition of the market.

Enters the 1.4 Trillion Beverage Industry

One such stock is Greene Concepts (OTCMKTS:INKW), which has soared by as 50% so far this week and deserves a certain degree of attention from investors. However, in order to get a better idea about the company, investors need to know a bit more about it and the latest events surrounding it.

Recently, Greene Concepts entered the specialty beverage and bottling space with its fully owned subsidiary Mammoth Ventures Inc. At this point, Mammoth is a company that is fast emerging as one of the major players in the formulated beverage space. On the other hand, Green Concepts also controls another subsidiary named Water Club Inc, which aims to offer a subscription-based delivery of water straight to the end consumer. This morning the company made another major announcement that could have a positive effect on its stock.

Greene Concepts announced today that it has entered into an alliance with SoluScience LLC by way of which it is going to market its Immune Support beverage. The beverage in question is infused with CBG, CBD, and CBN. It is a particularly interesting collaboration considering the fact that SoluScience is a pioneer in this business. The company’s ‘Happy Mellow’ brand of soluble hemp extract formula has proven to be a truly unique product and is aimed at releasing ingredients over time to improve the body health of the consumer.

The Chief Executive Officer of Green Concepts Inc Lenny Greene, stated that the company is going to partner with SoluScience to develop its BE WATER Happy Mellow line of beverages. Greene went on to state that she, in fact, sampled the beverage, and she got relief from her arthritis pain was gone, and there was no pain at all in her body. If the product can truly have such an effect, then it could prove to be popular.

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Back in May, Green Concepts made another announcement that potential investors need to be aware of. The company announced the establishment of its new subsidiary named Water Club Inc. As mentioned earlier, it is going to be a subscription-based water supply service.

However, the service is going to be specifically tailored to supply the BE WATER brand, and Green Concepts has also managed to get the website domain WaterClubOnline.Com, which is under construction at this point in time. These are a highly significant development for Greene Concepts, and hence, the rally in the stock this week has not come as a total surprise.

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