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NoHo Inc


Hangover Drink – Nano Hydration

Management Forcast For 2022

Hires Social Media Influencer – 4 Mill Strong

NOHO, Inc. develops, markets, sells and distributes a functional lifestyle beverage category product NOHO-The Hangover Defense. Its flagship product is a dietary supplement, taken before or during the consumption of alcohol that may help to prevent the symptoms associated with a hangover.

The company drink ” After Shot ” provides rapid morning recovery through hydration on a nano scale, providing cells with nutrient rich nano sized water clusters activating your cellular metabolic recovery.  

These shares trade in the sub penny category at $0.0006 which is at their 20 day M/A  The average daily volume is 67 million shares. The company is a start up, however recently DRNK has hired a very strong marketing and social media team with a superior reputations for branding . 

Serious investors should watch carefully for an increase in volume and price that may indicate a surge in product sales . Any break above $0.0009 , its 50 day M/A and 82 mill daily shares may indicate a BREAKOUT 



Scottsdale, Arizona, Dec. 02, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NOHO, Inc. (OTC PINK: DRNK), a Wyoming corporation (the “Company”), announced the following:

Our Company has seen an amazing resurgence in 2021.  In a mere eight months, we have brought the financial reporting current, reduced the debt, engaged a top-tier branding agency, developed a new product and created a fully functioning direct to consumer website with new products on the way. And we haven’t even started yet!

The Company has successfully reduced a majority of its total debt in 2021, extinguishing approximately one million dollars of derivative liabilities.  Additional debt reduction has continued in Q4.

The After Shot is available on our revamped site created by Eric Stoll and Lifetime Branding While available for sale across the country, the formal launch of the site will happen in Q1 2022 behind a broad-based marketing campaign including targeting consumers online and through social media.

The Company is proud to announce a product development agreement with Las Vegas-based gaming influencer, D Lucky . On Instagram as DLuckySlots , he commands an audience of 4.1M followers and growing, focused on strategies to gain advantages in playing casino slot machines.  As described on the corporate site :

D LUCKY is regarded as one of the most elite slot machine players in the world after setting numerous records for consistent payouts in Casino Slot Play. Now D LUCKY brings his knowledge and expertise to the public, so anyone who is interested in playing slot machines can do so with the inside tips and strategies from the most successful slot machine player in the world.

In addition to the After Shot , new products have already been formulated and packaging design is completed.  The first addition to the line will be a nootropics shot, an all-natural formulation designed to provide focus.  The Company is seeking to add at least three new products to the NOHO line throughout 2022.

In June of this year, NOHO acquired the RāD8 brand from Sibannac, Inc. (OTC Pink: SNNC), which was created initially around Delta-8 THC.  Following a recent reversal from its initial position, the DEA has said that the popular cannabinoid falls under the purview of the 2018 Farm Bill and should be treated as CBD.  There are many opportunities for consumer and white-label manufacturing sales that the Company will be pursuing into next year.  Currently, the Company can manufacture Delta-8 gummies and vape cartridges in its Scottsdale-based manufacturing facility now shared with Sibannac.

Delta-8 THC is a hemp-based cannabinoid derived from compliant hemp under the 2018 Farm Bill.  Delta 8, while a THC derivative, does not fall under the Controlled Substances Act as Marijuana, as long as it is derived from hemp containing less than .3% Delta-9 THC.

The Company will also be executing an awareness campaign beginning in the new year that will feature digital ads as well as physical billboard placement, in addition to interviews with the management team.  For new investors, please see our last shareholder call: Event recording .

More from NOHO – in addition to the After Shot , we have developed a new line of products, all leveraging Hydro-Nano technology, which will be rolling out soon.  For additional information and product updates, please follow us at www.nohoshot.com and follow NOHO on Twitter at www.twitter.com/nohodrink.

Scottsdale, Arizona , Sept. 30, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NOHO, Inc. (OTCPINK:DRNK), a Wyoming corporation (the “Company”), announced the following:

The Company intends to raise up to $20 million through a Regulation A Tier II Offering (“Offering”). The proceeds from the offering will be used for brand development and advertising spend as well as general operations.  A portion of funding, if available, will also be reserved for acquisition.

After a previous successful transaction with Continuation Capital for the sale of debt with Sibannac, Inc., the firm is expected to issue NOHO a written Indication of Interest in the Offering up to $8 million.  The balance of the raise will be allocated between existing shareholders and other institutional and private investors.  The Company will be working with its auditor to complete the necessary audits for the Offering. Offering details, including proposed share pricing, will be disclosed upon filing the registration documents.

Product and Operations Update

While Direct to Consumer remains the primary sales model, as part of the product roll-out plan the Company will be focusing resources in Las Vegas and New York for brand awareness and partnership opportunities.  The Company has provided a product development agreement to a Las Vegas-based gaming influencer with a substantial social media following, for a beverage additive.  NOHO will handling all formulation and product design responsibility.  Consummation of the agreement is expected within a week.

The sample product featured on Twitter is a new formulation in the nootropics category.  Nootropics are compounds that enhance cognitive performance.  This formulation contains only natural, dietary supplements and would not be subject to FDA approval. The Company will be providing more information on this product in the near future.

Cautionary Note Regarding Forward-Looking Statements

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