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The CEO and President of Medx Holdings, Inc. (OTC Pink: MEDH) came out with their latest updates and goals in their recent interview!

The interview was hosted by, Inc (“SVC”) which was with Hans Enriquez, CEO of Medx Holdings, where he mostly talked about the work being done on the company’s hemp farm and the outlook on hemp in Texas and USA.

Highlighted questions:

What has your focus been in Q1 2021?

Answer: ‘’Well, starting Q1 oncewe assumed the control block and put us in a position to really be able to take full control of the company, it was really about looking at everything we needed to do in compliance. We are operating in Texas, which probably has one of the strictest cannabis laws in the country, we do have a hemp program. So, we wanted to make sure that we get the right team members that are going to walk us through the compliances and all the regulations that we are going to be encountering, as far being a public company. And especially looking at some of our internal and external acquisition targets, we need to really be sure that everything is in line so we can bring these companies under our wing. Now we are ready to get some plants in the ground, we got a lot of our infrastructure build there on ranch, and we are looking forward to putting up some houses.’’

Looking into the next quarters and months to come for MEDH, what else is on the horizon in addition to farming?

Answer: “Growth by acquisitions is part of our strategy. There are lots of startups and emerging companies with software and great products. They are going to need some assistance and we want to be there to help build their brands.” Enriquez added, “We have a lot in store for our shareholders. We plan on being a leader here in Texas. As it stands today, Texas being I believe 11th largest economy in the world. Texas can be the absolute producer of hemp in the country. I feel like we are just getting started.”

From what we have heard in the interview, MEDH is eager to start producing. As Mr. Enriquez has mentioned in the interview, he is looking forward to the changing of future Texas federal laws,restrictions,and bills regarding Hemp Farms that will hopefully reduce penalties, and loosening up the hemp market, and while considering Texas’s state position, perhaps also provide some services to the Mexican side as well as all of south Texas. Which is why it is important to closely keep on an eye on MEDH, since they want nothing else but strive for success!

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