Hear AtLast Holdings Stock Heats Up On A Deal Buzz

There have been many stocks that have made highly positive moves this week, and one of the more notable ones is that of audio products company Hear AtLast Holdings, Inc. (OTCMKTS:HRAL). The company’s business strategy is quite simple. HearAtLast has acquired many companies that manufacture premium audio products.

The products in question are marketed through the vast social media network of athletes, musicians, and influencers that HearAtLast has created in recent times. Most of those in its social media network has a large number of followers on social media and hence, can help the company in boosting sales. 

What’s The Buzz?

This week, the HearAtLast has rallied very strongly and gone up by as much as 250% so far. There has been no specific news with regards to the company, but there has been widespread speculation about a deal with a company that is involved in the audio technology space. The news emerged on Monday, and since then, the trading volumes for the HearAtLast stock has gone through the roof. 

According to speculation, the company could be on the verge of a deal with an audio technology company that is engaged in developing or commercializing a new type of commercial listening device. That being said, that might not be the only reason behind the remarkable rally in the HearAtLast stock. 

The company has also made a filing that has demonstrated that there is going to reduce the float and the outstanding share total in the cap table. According to those filings, the number of outstanding shares has come down to only 9 million from 25 million, and such a drastic reduction almost always sees a positive effect on the stock price. On the other hand, according to the float listed by HearAtLast, there are fewer than 800,000 shares now floating around in the market. These moves could prove to be quite a challenge for bearish investors. 

The company markets itself as an operator of hearing clinics in the North American region, and the recent rally has brought it into sharp focus among investors. It is likely that the stock is going to be in focus among many investors over the coming days, and it remains to be seen if the HearAtLast stock can further add to its gains during the rest of the week. 

According to rumors, HearAtLast could be going for a reverse merger with an entity that is known as the ‘Crystal Clear Corporation.’ That being said, it should be noted that there are many companies by that name, and all of those are involved in different industries. The letter of the internet had been signed with Crystal back in May 2018 by HearAtLast to purchase all the shares. Investors could do well to keep a close eye on the developments over the coming days.

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