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TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, February 25, 2021 / — Zalemark Holding Company Inc. CEO Xia Wu is pleased to provide shareholders with a vision of the Company’s strategic direction moving forward.

Ms. Wu noted that “We have previously completed the acquisition of AeroponLeaf Holdings, which was originally focused on cannabis production and sales. The pandemic has unfortunately forced delays in starting the development of our Hastings County facility for now.

At the same time, there has been a rush of new companies producing flower and concentrate products that have resulted in this area becoming quite crowded, and reducing opportunities for long-term profitability. While AeroponLeaf will continue to develop opportunities within the cannabis industry, we have made the corporate decision not to proceed with growing our own product, and instead to pursue licensing opportunities with manufacturers of more specialized products, distributing these products under the AeroponLeaf trademark. We will now focus our efforts on opportunities where we can work with partners to distribute these higher value products that are more strongly differentiated from simple flower and vaping oriented products.

To that end, we hope to announce a new licensing agreement in the near future to distribute some very innovative new products that are the result of intensive research and development efforts with a new strategic partner.

In the interim, we have also taken the time to consider our overall strategic positioning, and have made the decision to move towards becoming a diversified holding company. To that end, we will be seeking to complete a private placement to raise additional capital to acquire additional subsidiaries in a number of key sectors which we have identified”.

Mr. Yang Li, Vice President of Business Development adds “We are currently in discussions to acquire a company working with a major charitable organization to develop a transitional housing facility in Pickering, one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the Durham region of Ontario. The facility will help those in need until they can be placed in more permanent housing solutions. The charitable organization involved is also looking for us to develop management offices and logistics operations for them on the property we have identified.

Additionally, we are pursuing development of a downtown shuttle transportation service within a major growing metropolitan municipality in the Durham region of Ontario.

Other opportunities exist to acquire a marina and restaurant property within the hospitality industry.

We anticipate there will be further announcements to provide greater detail about these exciting new business developments as we aggressively pursue these acquisition opportunities”.

About Zalemark Holdings Company, Inc.

Zalemark Holding Company Inc., currently trading on the OTC Markets under the symbol “ZMRK”, is a U.S. public company, currently domiciled in the State of Delaware.

Zalemark and its current and planned future subsidiaries are focused on investing in targeted profitable industries including;
• Custom real estate development projects with targeted partners;
• Hospitality & tourism;
• Municipal transportation projects;
• Consumer Packaged Goods development and manufacturing for cannabis related products such as topical pain creams.

Our objective is to achieve steady, sustainable growth that delivers favorable returns for our shareholders. We will achieve our success through best-in-class management and operations.

Our expertise, experience and network of relationships with partners in our targeted industry sectors will ensure success and profitability.

Forward Looking Statements

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