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Today HQ Global Education, Inc. ($HQGE) announced that subsidiary Big M Entertainment Pictures has requested distribution for the feature film ‘Captured’. The feature film is financed by private investment groups and distributors and is expected to be delivered shortly in Q4 2020. The distribution packages have already been requested and will soon be sent to a legion of interested parties.

Various potential projects for the silver screen

The great news didn’t stop there for Big M Entertainment. The company reported also that another feature film ‘Live’ is now officially in production, after reaching an agreement last month. As a result, filming is expected to start in November of this year. ‘Live’ is an action-horror-thriller in which a terrified woman grapples with her own inevitable death. Who sees the film might think of similar films like ‘Halloween’ and ‘When a Stranger Calls’.

Also worth noting is that Big M Entertainment’s 2020-2021 series of projects consists out of four other feature films (in addition to Captured and Live), two eco-friendly documentaries and two new series of tv-programs.

The four feature films are currently in different stages. ‘The Vacation’ is in development, ‘Rosamond’ is in pre-production, and both ‘Avenue M’ and ‘Trailer’ are fully scripted. The first documentary film ‘Trees’ is awaiting distribution and the second ‘Distance’ is in pre-production. The TV series ‘Wow’ has the working title reality series and is in pre-production, while ‘MSB’ also knows the working title and script series and is in pre-production.

The CEO of Big M Entertainment, Marvin Williams, is negotiating with external studios to strengthen their position as the writer and producer of two new feature films. Not much has been said about this yet, but the CEO and stakeholders are very enthusiastic about this development. The expectations of the CEO of HQGE, Gallardo Wagner, are thus far exceeded. The pace and quality in which Big M Entertainment’s productions develop has not gone unnoticed. The effort of Williams and the entire team creates a good relationship between both sides and ensures that more is in the pipeline soon.

Change in name and symbol ensures growth

On October 8, HQGE announced that it had filed for a change of name and trading symbol to Big M Entertainment Pictures, Inc. The approval is expected to be amended and approved shortly by the FINRA, an organization that writes and enforces the rules governing registered brokers and broker-dealer firms in the United States.

HQGE believes it is important to change the name and trading symbol to strengthen and clarify the focus and direction of Big M Entertainment. Since the acquisition of the subsidiary and the merger of both companies, one of the main objectives is to make Big M Entertainment a profitable company. At present, several projects are in different stages of development, making it important that the corporate identity and business relationship with Big M Entertainment is more clearly displayed to the public.

A short teaser of the movie ‘Captured’ can now be viewed via this link.

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By Omar