Humanigen: first patient has been infused in ZUMA-19 study, Stock Soars 400% in a Month

When a major announcement is made by a biotech or pharmaceutical firm, then it is almost certain to have an effect on its stock, one way or another. That is what happened with Humanigen Inc (OTCMKTS:HGEN) this morning after the company made a major announcement.

Why the Sudden Buzz?

 The company announced this morning that it had infused the first patient with its therapy that is meant for the treatment of relapsed or refractory Large B-cell Lymphoma. It was done as part of the Phase ½ clinical trials, and it is, without a doubt, a milestone for Humanigen. 

The news has been received with great enthusiasm by the market this morning, and the Humanigen stock has rallied by as much as 20% so far. It remains to be seen if the stock can add further to its gains through the course of the week. Considering the fact that Humanigen has gained a mammoth 400% over the course of the past month alone, it could be worthwhile for investors to take a closer look at the events. 

The study being conducted for the treatment, known as lenzilumab, is known as ZUMA-19, and it is being conducted in partnership with a subsidiary of Gilead Sciences named Kite. As many as 36 patients in total have been signed up for this multi-center open-label study. 

The Chief Executive Officer of Humanigen Cameron Durant stated that the company is ‘excited’ about the clinical collaboration and will be looking forward to understanding the effects of lenzilumab on patients suffering from relapsed or refractory Large B-cell Lymphoma. In this regard, it is also important to point out that Humanigen is also working on a product that is meant for either preventing or minimizing the effects of cytokine release syndrome (CRS). CRS is generally followed by extreme lung dysfunction or ADRS in those suffering from the effects of the COVID 19. 

Lenzilumab Drug Delivers Better Recovery Time 

While the latest news from the company with regards to lenzilumab is a major positive for the company, it is also important to have a look at the reason why the stock rallied by as much as 400% over the past month. Back on June 16, the company announced that a total of 12 patients who had been suffering from coronavirus induced pneumonia had a mean recovery time that was half that had been recorded by patients who had been treated with remdesivir in another trial. 

It is a staggering development for Humanigen, and the news was welcomed enthusiastically by market participants. The optimism is understandable considering the fact the remdesivir had been awarded the emergency use authorization by the United States Food and Drug Administration. It could be worthwhile for investors to watch the developments around Humanigen closely. 

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