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iMD Companies Inc (ICBU) Has Undergone A Considerable Change In The Way That It Does Business

iMD Companies Inc (OTCMKTS:ICBU) which operates as a Florida Corporation has undergone a considerable change in the way that it does business. The company has pivoted to a holding company in recent times and has interests in a range of sectors. It is involved in acquiring and then developing businesses in the cryptocurrency, blockchain, and financial technology sectors. 


In recent times, the company has been doing notable work in different fields and last week, it made another significant announcement. iMD Companies announced on March 24 that it established a cryptocurrency farming data center located in Phoenix, Arizona. It is a major development since it further boosts iMD’s capacity in this particular space. 

The company already operates two other cryptocurrency farming data centers in Sacramento and the San Francisco Bay Area. This will considerably boost the company’s capacity. Like the other locations, the one in Phoenix is going to be powered by iMD’s own dedicated server tech. In addition to that, JBOD-Raid architecture hard drive array systems are also going to be in place. 

The move from the company has come in light of the recent popularity of Non-Fungible Tokens. iMD is currently looking to create tools that might help with the commercialization aspect of these tokens. 

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iMD claims that as a company that already develops Non-Fungible Tokens for its clients, it can help in making sure that the real value of the creative products in these tokens is ascertained correctly. The company has been pretty quick in its quest to get into this crypto mining business in a big way. 

It was only on March 17 that iMD had announced the launch of the cryptocurrency farming data centers in Sacramento and San Francisco Bay area. It is clear to see that iMD has made a big bet on the continued growth in the cryptocurrency space and the establishments of these farming data centers are an indication of the company’s direction. 

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