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This week there seems to be more interest on the stock market in companies that operate outside of our sphere. Information about the universe is becoming increasingly accessible to everyone with the help of the internet and we are also increasingly exploring our boundaries in outer space. With large-scale innovative projects such as the mission to Mars of SpaceX and the moon base project from NASA and Nokia, it appears that the market is becoming more and more technological and universal.

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This ‘spatial’ development is also impacting companies such as Intelsat ($INTEQ), who is known for the largest and most advanced satellite fleet and connectivity infrastructure, as well as being pioneers in the 5G functionality. The architects of this company have great expertise to develop breakthrough solutions that promote and secure a myriad of applications for customers and partners. Thanks to a new generation of network services, the revenue and reach of the customers are broadened. Intelsat offers exceptional quality broadband connectivity for multi-format video broadcasts, secure satellite communications and seamless mobility services.

Cooperation with Delta Air Lines is on the horizon

Delta Air Lines ($DAL) passengers will be supported with Intelsat technology by offering free internet on board. This can be achieved once the $400 million acquisition of Gogo’s commercial aviation unit is completed. Intelsat now wants to review Gogo’s agreements with airlines in order to achieve better coordination. Delta Air Lines was concerned about the possibilities of free browsing for passengers and therefore came up with a plan to have a larger capacity.

Experts are not surprised that Intelsat plans to possess as many Delta tails as possible, even though the US Major considers its multi-source IFC options under a recently amended 2Ku agreement with Gogo. There is also criticism about the takeover and the future plan of Intelsat. Nearly half of Gogo’s 3,300 aircraft currently operate without a satellite connection. Hundreds of other aircraft are still subject to short-term contracts, which will expire between the expected close of the agreement and the end of 2022.

Intelsat Cloud Connect Service

This service enables business users to securely and reliably access the cloud applications anywhere and anytime. A good development for Intelsat, because it improves the cloud service and expands the global network portfolio. The system is designed to function even when traditional terrestrial connectivity infrastructure is not available. In addition to that much attention has been paid to security, it also seems to be very cost-effective.

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African education: a gold mine?

The satellite operator announced a partnership with XinaBox last week to deliver space-focused STEM-learning resources to students in multiple African countries. Thanks to the support of Intelsat, the XinaBox Space STEM-program can be introduced as early as 2021. The aim of this large-scale project is that the XinaBox Kits provide a fast hardware development platform specially developed for STEM-applications in schools and Universities. An important result is that it makes specialized equipment or laboratories unnecessary. The African students are excited about the large improvement, as they can now build, experiment and create better working electronic devices. While learning all the principles of Internet of Things (IoT) in a sensory environment.

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