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The SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc OTC:SMKG company designs and develops cloud and mobility applications for industry specific processes to enable operational efficiency, minimize costs, improve performance and capture real-time transactions securely.

We work with Financial Institutions, Telecoms, Retail & Food Service Enterprises, Events Management and Governments with the objective of deploying to new or existing networks and managing both Open-loop and Closed-loop transaction requirements.

Our expertise working with Device Manufacturers, Independent Software Vendors and Financial Service providers allows our customers to concentrate on their business strategy and marketing initiatives. The SmartCard Marketing Systems Inc team has extensive experience in working in projects in China, Asia, India, Europe and Africa. The company’s base of operations is home in North America with satellite offices in India and the Philippines

SmartCard Marketing Systems, Inc. (“SMKG” or “The Company”) (SMKG: OTC) is a boutique (“Payments”) advisory corporation formed under the laws of Delaware as a Cloud & Mobility solutions provider to the payment industry. We deliver cloud-based business applications for acquirers and issuers to banks, telecoms and enterprises. Our in-house lab offers proprietary software solutions, which include:

· A Cloud SAAS Remote Deposit Capture (Scanning) technology for Banks with Multi-branch networks and Treasury clients.
· : A Digital Retail platform & QR Wallet with a suite of Rewards & Incentive features for the hospitality industry.
· A digital Cloud & Mobility Events, Conference & e-ticketing management solution for Event Companies, Planners, Retailers and Networking groups.
· Application for the for integrating of user interface and data analytics in Consumer-level and Corporate pre-order food systems, as well as onboard/inflight menu sales.
· A digital workforce Mobility & Cloud application for both merchants and jobseekers to crowdsource Resumes and publish job opportunities
·QR. guru: an automated Digital distribution lead generator ecommerce application for sales events, Scan & Prize management, MLM and affiliate marketing.
· Fully digital catering and menu planning operations for both web & mobile allowing for efficient real-time management of banquet bookings.
· A blockchain-. Token solution with multi-link relationship management for Signature Capture and EKYC for the financial industry.
· A powerful EKYC search and investigative engine that combines public records and social network information on individuals and businesses.
· A cloud-based Business management application for streamlining Sales-Book, Marketing schedules, employee task management, project timelines & directory charts with a full document vault compartmentalization.
·Onroute.Tech a geo tracking and booking solution for Limousine and Courier companies with employee dispatch management, client ID visual tracking for independent owners and associate-networks.


Since 2014, the Company has sought to develop and establishing a strong and intuitive technology footprint within the growing Fintech Industry. Our Company management has over 45 years of combined experience in the alternative payment and merchant underwriting industries, with a specialization in retail & enterprise applications.

Since the beginning of 2015, the company has focused on 2 distinct channels of business:

1)Development and commercialization of its two core platforms for the payment and incentive industry: &,
2)Strategic partnerships focused on developing an EMV Remote HOST for Bank & Telecom Acquirers of Card Schemes (Credit & Debit) as an acceptance point for emulating transactions, processing & settlement within the platform providing a seamless integration ready for markets

In 2017 management continued to develop its payment infrastructure and worked with key clients to commercialize its solutions strengthening its position in the financial services segment.


Our strategy has been to develop a seamless portfolio of various industry payment technologies for both e-commerce and mPOS semi-integrated payment systems. The result is a robust performing lineup of middleware’s that integrate easily with various Issuers, Acquirers & Processors creating a powerful gateway. We target host Banks, Telecoms & Global Enterprises with an existing merchant portfolio ready for best of breadth and trending technologies that also incorporate social-media advantages for consumers.

The Company’s business plan for the next 12 to 15 months is to transform from a direct Large Merchant services provider to establishing a robust portfolio of merchants and position itself as a technology host & support channel for Financial Institutions, Franchises and Global Enterprises, capturing larger pools of merchants and customers.


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