Drug developer Enzolytics Inc (OTCMKTS:ENZC), which is engaged in commercializing proprietary proteins for tackling infectious conditions, has been in considerable focus among investors in recent times. It is easy to see why the company has been in focus and it might be a good idea to take a look at development from earlier on this month. 

On March 8 the company announced that it submitted filings for patent protection with regards to the 8 conserved sites that it managed to discover in the HIV 1 virus. The discovery was a significant development for Enzolytics and the initial announcement had provided a considerable boost to the company’s stock. Some of the conserved sites had as much as 98% conserved sequences in them. 


The move for patent protection is the natural step for the company after having made the discovery. However, that is not all. The applications are also going to extend and made into international filings under the provisions of the Patent Cooperation Treaty. 

Once that happens, Enzolytics will be able to get patent protection for its discovery in as many as 153 nations. The conserved sites were identified by the company in the HIV 1 virus through the use of artificial intellects techniques. All the 87336 HIV isolates that are currently known were analyzed. 

On the other hand, another key development with regards to the company’s international operations took place on March 16. Enzolytics announced that it formalized all the legal documents pertaining to the Articles of Association for establishing the entity International Medical Partners. 

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International Medical Partners has been established as a limited liability company based out of Bulgaria and Enzolytics is going to have a 50% ownership of the same. 

The company reached this agreement with a group of businessmen based out of Bulgaria. It is a significant development for the company since International Medical Partners is going to move ahead with the certification and production of ITV 1 patented techniques.

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