iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. (TSX-V: ISD) (OTC: ISDSF) is a Canadian company seeking to become the largest player in the market for interactive mobile advertising. The aim is to respond worldwide to advertising (Smart Antenna) and public safety (SAM).

The technology of iSIGN offers companies a cost-effective solution to directly involve consumers in the checkout and purchasing decision. This increases the likelihood of consumers reading and responding to offers in their immediate vicinity. The iSIGN system also records user engagement and measures results to help making advertising decisions using actionable data from consumer responses to each advertisement.

SAM Techonology

The SAM technology is a mobile alert for personal safety. It can be added to any public space so that the public can enjoy their daily routine in complete safety. Use the SAM network to increase security and safety in public spaces, businesses and government organizations. SAM also allows you to use digital signals and kiosks in your SAM network to provide directions in case of an emergency.

Received approval

On June 15, it announced that it has received final approval from the necessary regulatory agency to conclude its previously announced warrant bonus agreement relating to the extension of the due date of a previously issued promissory note. The company also announced that it is now able to process the mass registration for its SAM solution.

Mass registration provides for instant registration of any quantity of registrants into SAM’s backend by exporting the five pieces of information necessary for SAM registration from a client’s database into a CSV-file. The purpose of mass registration is to make it efficient for larger customers to load registrations into the SAM’s backend. The ability for an individual to register for SAM remains an option.


With the world under the spell of the COVID-19, iSIGN shows its best side. The company has extended its SAM system offering to retirement homes, long-term care institutions and nursing homes in order to bring family and patients in Canada into contact with each other free of charge. This free offer from ISD is an innovative way to implement the company’s SAM technology to attract potential customers.

The latest developments have caught PSN’s attention. With the latest news and information in mind, we have engaged with iSIGN Media Solutions Inc. to learn more about the company, market strategies and iSIGN’s potential in the worldwide market.


Firstly, how would you introduce iSIGN Media Solutions Inc.?

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc: homes, hospitals, dangerous events or business communication. The ISIGN POD is a super App based for network mounting anywhere including vehicles to interact with mobile phones anywhere, any place at any distance it is designed to work independently or with Smart Antenna and SAM with all IOS or Android devices using Google Analytics.

What’s your business strategy to succeed in the industry?

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc: Our business strategy is to enable the creation of messaging and alert networks anywhere POWERED by ISIGN and generate monthly fee based revenue.

What are your expectations of the industry you are in short- and long-term?

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc: ISIGN MEDIA SOLUTIONS INC. is a SAAS (software developer) and innovator of several patented messaging solutions. These include the Smart Antenna that is patented and pushes any commercial or other messages to mobile phones in any location within 100 meters via Bluetooth and WiFi. SAM (Safety Alert Messaging) this is a SAAS solution requiring no hardware and App based allowing mobile devices to receive messages by only specific individuals or groups in specific Hyper Local locations. This is for instant communication any time for emergencies such as COVID alerts in nursing In the short term we have and are proving our solutions as effective and reliable and this was completed in March end and supported by winning the INNOVATOR of the year 2019 Award from the city of Richmond Hill and receiving a Commendation from the Prime minister of Ontario Canada for our Technology and Solutions. In the long term we are now promoting our SAM alert solution as a COVID alert and messaging solution to nursing homes, caregivers and their families to enable updates, and emergency medical alerts as they occur instantly. This also includes businesses and all medical and public locations.

When do you expect the company to be profitable?

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc.: As COVID subsides we are being accepted as a key messaging enabler to mobile devices anywhere for commercial and emergency alerts in locations and on the highways. As the many channels are implementing our technologies we expect breakeven and profitability with any one of the top initiatives we are working with our resellers to achieve within the next quarter of less. Please refer to recent press releases about the latest PO and release of an additional Smart Antennas for vehicles in Las Vegas. The first released 400 units will provide a breakeven and the remaining 1200 units once released and installed into the emergency vehicles will give us a substantial profit.

You are described as a “leading provider of interactive mobile advertising solutions”:
How has this been proven to the outside world?

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc.: We have been the first to register and receive a patent for our Smart Antenna and also be selected as a key SAAS solution providing partner with IBM. We have received several top of class awards and recently by a city, provincially and now being promoted by the Canadian government worldwide. We have no direct competitor.

How many patents do you hold? And do you hold patents in other countries?

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc.: We have one major patent covering our products and another in review. More are contemplated and we hold patents in USA, Canada, Malaysia and working on Singapore.

How do you guarantee the privacy of people with the “Smart Antenna”?

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc.: The Smart Antenna only connects with each phones Bluetooth MAC address which has no access or connectivity to the phones personal data. On WiFi the individual access WiFi as they choose . However we do capture all related messaging response and selected advertising data for future revenue.

The “Smart Antenna” is described by partner Mtrex as revolutionary and unique:
What makes the Smart Antenna so revolutionary and unique?

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc.: Mtrex is a special modem supplier that is very effective with the Smart Antenna when installed on EMERGENCY VEHICLES. Mtrex appreciates this very unique and exclusive application as their best application.

Since april 2020 Hi-Tek is promoting “SAM” with no charge for a six month period. What are the results so far? And why did you choose a reseller located in Las Vegas?

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc.: Since April ISIGN has promoted SAM as the only messaging solution that connects patients to caregivers and caregivers to the patients families. This is the only messaging solution available in nursing homes and hospitals during the COVID pandemic. This has given ISIGN awareness and success in attracting several key nursing homes that have had great results and attracting many more as a quick and effective alert and update messaging solution. Our Las Vegas reseller promotes the Omni Veil which is POWERED by ISIGN and is just as effective in the Las Vegas market. Our Vegas reseller is an advertising agency that generates good advertisements for our solutions that they promote and sell.

What makes SAM a different product with a high potential on this fast growing market?

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc.: SAM is a software solution with no hardware required. This makes it very cost effective and it is also capable to be activated instantly to any large group or individual instantly making it exclusive and unique during this time of need for emergency alerts.

What are your expectations with the COVID-19? And to what extent does the COVID-19 influence your company?

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc.: ISIGN happens to have three solutions that are very applicable to help save lives with instant alerts and messages that help to inform patients, the public and medical staff of any COVID or other type of emergency. It is also very helpful to all community police and first responders. COVID has attracted much attention to ISIGN and our solutions.

The COVID-19 made you help the care institutions and nursing homes with a free of charge service: Which benefits does this bring to you?

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc.: COVID 19 has brought much attention to ISIGN from all levels of the medical community, governments and especially old age and nursing homes where the death rate has been very high up to 70% and there is a need for regular and instant updates. The benefits were that we developed an instant registration system allowing large number of patient or the public to be connected to SAM enabling instant alerts and communications.

To what extent are the older generation your target group? Which business model fits here?

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc.: Recently we have targeted the older generation of patients and persons in nursing homes because they need constant updates and reminders to take precautions against spreading COVID and their families cannot visit the elders so our SAM solution is a great connected messaging source from the homes. The nursing channel and medical channel are the current targets.

Finally, are there other developments you would like to share with us?

iSIGN Media Solutions Inc.: The success that ISIGN has had revealed in the recent press about creating and powering a public messaging network in emergency vehicles is very attractive to advertisers, police and the public ad a great and effective “road and highway alert and messaging network”. We can see this expanding into the public taxi companies and public transit channels which will open up huge advertising and safety benefits and revenue shortly.

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