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The biotech space is currently one of the more attractive sectors for investors due to the sort of work that is being done by a wide range of companies. However, in an already congested sector, it is necessary for investors to do their research and then take a look at the companies that he believes might be worth tracking.

One such company is Lexaria Bioscience Corp (NASDAQ:LEXX), which is best known for having developed its medicine delivery technology named DehydraTECH. The delivery technology can significantly improve the way in which APIs (active pharmaceutical ingredients) enter the bloodstream of patients. In this regard, it is also important to point out that the delivery system can also help in enhancing the effectiveness of medicines.

In such a situation, it is easy to see why the Lexaria stock might come into focus among many investors. On the other hand, investors also need to keep in mind that the technology can be deployed in a wide range of areas and is not only restricted to the administration of medicines. For instance, it can be used to administer items like food, vitamin and nutrient concoctions, and even beverages. Hence, the full scope of the product can be quite wide-ranging and that adds further commercial potential.

However, at the same time, it is also necessary to keep in mind that the delivery system is not the only product that Lexaria is working on.

Antiviral Drug Evaluation Program Progressing

Last week the company announced that that it is going to launch extensive programs with regards to the antiviral medicine studies that it had planned for 2021. The studies in question are part of the group of four studies that Lexaria has planned this year for its research and development programs. The Chief Executive Officer of the company Chris Bunka stated that 2021 has been a productive year so far for Lexaria and went on to reveal that as many as 7 research programs have already been flagged off so far.

Rapid Progress in Hypertension Studies

On the other hand, on March 15, the company announced that it managed to make rapid progress with regards to the studies that it has been conducting about hypertension. At this point in time, Lexaria is conduction as many as two animal research trials and three human clinical trials as part of its research and development program for this year. While all the five studies are underway, Lexaria claims to have made considerable progress already and it is another program that investors ought to keep an eye on.

Last but certainly not least, it is also important to have a fair idea about the financial strength of the company. The company generated revenues through the sales of products to the tune of as much as $164,990 for the period which ended on November 30, 2020. That represented more than 50% of the product revenues generated by Lexaria in the period. On the other hand, the licensing revenues generated from intermediate product sales also brought in as much as $130584 during the period.

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